Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Nivea Mens Post Shaving Balm..Primer?!

Ok ok, so admittedly I am bad for jumping on any youtube hype or blog hype, the most recent been the Nivea Post Shave Balm used as a primer.

 photo 12654317_10153234764555940_8048348315601734853_n.jpg

I didn't hold out much hope for it, but at under £6 I thought if all else fails, it can be used as a nice moisturizer anyway.

So first thing you do notice is the consistency, primers usually are more like a cream and have some thickness to them but this was a very runny liquid so comes out the bottle like billio so you must be wary of that as you really do not need much product at all.

Second thing is the smell, the smell is how you imagine a mans aftershave to doesn't personally bother me in the slightest but i know a lot of people have mentioned this as a negative..I don't notice it after 2 minutes of it been on my face.

As soon as the balm starts to go tacky on your face, you are ready to put your foundation on. My foundation definitely did not go on any differently to how it usually would, i'd also say the finish didn't look any better from it either but it also didn't make it look any worse.

The reason this is supposed to work so well is due to the Glycerin in the product, acting like a glue with your foundation keeping it in tact longer.

Although this cream didn't  have all the benefits of a primer for e.g. evening out my skin tone or making my foundation look any different on my skin...the longevity of my makeup was noticeably improved! If you struggle with make up sliding off your face or looking like you never applied any by the end of the day, this product is 100% for you.

My foundation still looks like I have just applied it at the end of the day I am so impressed with it!

I can't believe by chance someone has used this under their make-up and unleashed this amazing beauty gem!

This is definitely a must have step in my make-up routine now and I can't wait to hear from more people trying it out to see what they think!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Rimmel Match Perfection Review

Rimmel Match Perfection Review 

 photo 12373431_10153138531020940_2044693415558407922_n.jpg

Foundation is a product which many of us struggle with. It  is either the wrong consistency, wrong colour, dries your skin out or is too oily. 

The Rimmel Match Perfection is aimed more at people with dry skin, it is very moisturizing but is also long lasting. 

One of the things that really did stand out for me is that is does not cling onto dry patches at all. It does take some blending when first applied because of it's moisturizing agents, brush strokes are quite apparent so more blending is required than other foundations i've used. 

I have pale skin and I have always gone for very pale foundations, but I find it can wash me out and make me look almost ill. With this, I wanted to find a darker foundation that didn't go orange on my skin, the picture doesn't do this foundation justice as i can honestly say it has no orange tinge to it and actually gives a very nice "healthy, holiday glow" to the skin. 

One thing I did notice about this foundation is it claims to minimize pores which i do not agree with, in fact without been powdered they can be very obvious. 

That leads into my next negative, as I have started trying this out in winter, it maybe too dewy for me and it requires quite heavy powdering in order to build up the overall look and give it a more matte finish...I can imagine in summer this not been the case though and would be fine without powder. 

Overall I do like this foundation giving it a 7/10. I will carry on using it and it's possibly one i'd even repurchase, mainly for the good colour match as been pale i'd usually struggle going darker without it having an orange cast to it. 


Good Colour Match 
Healthy Glow 
High SPF 
Buildable Coverage 
Doesn't break my skin out 
Fine for pale skin


Does not reduce appearance of pores
Not the easiest to blend 
If you suffer from bad acne, coverage maybe not good enough 
Not good if wanting a matte look. 

Would I repurchase : Yes 

Price: £7 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette Review

 photo 12006258_10152980237300940_7316553347916831428_n.jpg

If you are into blogs/youtube then you will definitely of heard of Tanya Burr. For those who havent, she is a beauty guru on youtube and has over 3 million subscribers.

Tanya has recently released more palettes into her cosmetic line and this seems to be the most popular palette so I thought I would give it a try, at only £6 I felt I couldn't go wrong.

 photo 10366227_10152980237100940_3437927619737900556_n.jpg

The packaging has come under some criticism, some people say it looks cheap and doesn't last well, however, I feel that for £6 you cannot expect plastic or glass materials and even though the colours of the packaging are not really to my taste I personally think it looks quite pleasant..I do wander why the letter "H" in Hollywood is in lower case though..i'd be lying if I said that doesn't bother me!
There is a heart shaped mirror on the inside too which is a nice touch and certainly comes in handy.

Shades in the Hollywood Palette:
Nude Delight -- Matte
Gold Coin -- Shimmer
Enchantment -- Shimmer
Bookworm --Matte

I will start off by saying there is no denying these colours compliment eachother and they have done a great job on all 4 shades suiting all skin tones.

I feel they have done such a great job on the matte colours. the nude delight is a lovely pale shade which is great as an all over base and great for the inner corners of the eyes.
This could also be used on it's own for those casual days.

Bookworm is impressively pigmented with a rich, warm undertone and does make a fantastic crease colour and again, a great all over shade!

The shimmer colours is where i feel it lets the palette down..they look incredibly in the case but as soon as you get them onto your eyes it's barely noticeable.

Gold coin is especially subtle and it takes a lot of building up to get the desired shade, it can look quite pretty as a glaze over the lid after putting bookworm on.

Enchantment I have used a few times and I just cant get it to that gorgeous colour that is in the case it's always so sheer and never adds much to the look.

Overall for £6 I am happy that I have two matte shades that I will 100% use again and again..the shimmers do let this palette down and need a little work!

What do you think to this palette?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Urban Decay "Chill" Setting Spray Review

 photo 11892061_10152941793420940_7448723664515778333_n.jpg
I have always had problems when it comes to my makeup sliding off my face, especially around my eyes, making me look very panda like!
I've tried some cheaper setting sprays in the past, but found them to not be very effective, so I really wanted to invest in one I had heard good reviews about.
I have very dry skin so make-up emphasizes this, hence why I went for the cooling and hydrating one.

The first day I didn't follow the instructions at all and thought 2 sprays was waayy too little so I went ahead and must of  put 6 sprays or more on..this was quickly regrettable when I went to check my makeup a couple of hours later and it looked aweful! Dry, patchy, dull..not good.

I didn't give up, and on day 2 I simply put 2 sprays on from a distance..I felt instantly hydrated and it does definitely give an instant glow to the face which is great for a morning! I also noticed that my eye make up especially stayed on better than if I didn't have the setting spray on.

One thing I will say, however hydrating or cooling it is supposed to be, it's a setting's designed to hold make-up in place and I believe this never truly works to the benefit of dry skin as I feel afew hours in I am quite patchy in places.

Overall I do however feel that If it helps my eye make-up stay put then it's worth the money because I have never found any product to help my eye make up stay put!

What do you think of this setting spray? Any recommendations?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Moving Out! Tips

Apologies that I haven't been on here much...a lot has been going on!

-- Holiday

-- New Job

-- Now moving House

So with a few changes going on it came to light that we were going to have to move house quite quickly..which was a scary thing to be faced with at first but soon turned to excitement!

Best thing to do when looking for a flat/house is determine how much you can afford each month..take into account EVERYTHING including all those little bills that can be quite easy to forget about! We also took into account how much we want to be able to spend on food.

Once you have done that, it's time to get looking! Figure out what you want, do you want 2 bedroom? 1 bedroom? 2 bathrooms? Now of course, with renting i feel like you can't be too picky and you must compromise with certain things but equally don't pick any old place if its not right. Myself and Aaron have A LOT of stuff so we knew 1 bedroom would simply not be big enough.

You have now chosen a place..go view it and see if you really love it! Then it's time to do your application form. This is where they check if you have animals/how much you are earning etc etc.

They tend to want references so once that's done and it's all been approved your good to go!

TIP: Move quickly if you are interested in a place...they get snatched up so quickly!

We opted for a 2 bedroom maisonette and it's just perfect!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Submarine Safari...Lanzarote

 photo 1902870_10152810626940940_211468637638851689_n.jpg

Another excursion we went on was the Submarine Safari trip! We got picked up at our hotel and drove for around 35 minutes to the marina where the Submarine was.

You don't get much time to look around the shops..maybe just 10 minutes before and after the trip which I found a bit of a shame as it could've been somewhere new to check out.

A few people were panicked when they first had to go down a small stairwell into the submarine but once you have got through that bit you have a big open space where you feel more than comfortable and seats are close together but not too close.

In front of your seats is a BIG window for you to look through and also a little screen in front of you so you can see the submarine go under and back up. (Also shows you the fish from a different angle).

They have a diver go down and feed the fish to attract them to the submarine so we have more to look at! Of course animals will vary and some trips will be more exciting than others i'm sure.

I don't know what I was expecting exactly but we found the trip to be surprisingly boring...I guess once you're in the water you don't really do much but sit and see the same small fish so after 30 minutes you are more than ready to head back up. It also costs 55 Euro each which..considering you don't have time to get some food or look at the shops I just find it to be too over priced!

Though I can now say I have been in a submarine which is pretty cool!

Katie x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lanzarote Costa Teguise Camel Ride

 photo 22814_10152802898160940_6679934333510855814_n.jpg

 photo 11535863_10152810629435940_4090479822509996078_n.jpg
This lil buddy was a Camel in Training, no one rode him as he was still small but he was learning to follow the rest :)

We had the great opportunity of having a Camel ride on our holiday in Lanzarote. I was a little skeptical at first, only because I worry the animals are not looked after correctly and I wouldn't want to encourage that by paying them.

However, on our volcanic tour the rep told us how there are 300 camels there and only 100 are taken out at one time and work only for 4 hours a day. They only work one day (4 hours) and then have 2 days off whilst the next 100 camels do 4 hours the following day.
The camels are also protected by the government and get lots of food and water and are really well looked after!
We were given a few facts on the weight the camels can carry and how long they can go without water, really amazing creatures!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable ride at only 12 Euros. You can also purchase a picture they take of you for a further 5 Euro.

I will be continuing the next few posts with different reviews of the different trips I have taken in my time in Lanzarote. This will include the Submarine trip, Volancanic Trip, Aarons Diving Experience and the Texas Rancho Park.

Katie x