Monday, 28 July 2014

Holiday Wishlist

Now, although I could go on and on about where I want to go I am just going to name my top 4 places that I would LOVE to see at the moment.
If I had the money I would of course travel the world...But for now my aim is to see these 4 places!

 photo rome.jpg
Italy has many Beautiful places but if I had to just pick one it would have to be the amazing city of Rome. Ever since watching "When in Rome" with the Olsen twins it became one of my top places I've always wanted to go.. Mainly for the sightseeing of the Colosseum, Trevi fountain and the Spanish Steps! But of course you must try out the food there followed by some gelato!

 photo skopelosmammamia.jpgSKOPELOS
To a lot of people this place will look is the chapel that was used to film the wedding of MAMMA MIA! And I fell in love with it as soon as I saw that movie! Now if you knew me you would know that I love Greece..I love everything from the views to the people it's such a great, calm place and I'd love to visit every island if I could but this is the main island that I want to see! I think this is going to be our next holiday in 2015!

 photo santorini.jpgSANTORINI
I know, I know this is Greece again and there is not a specific reason why I would like to go see Santorini other than the fact it looks beautiful. Afew people I know have gone here and they loved it so it's right up there on my wishlist! I like how all the buildings seemed almost stacked on eachother and it looks so pretty at night.

 photo fiji.jpgFIJI Well, let's face it Fiji doesn't need much of an explanation of why I want to go it's just bloomin gorgeous! The bright yellow sandy beaches, to the aqua blue sea it would make the most uptight people chill out and relax! Although this one is on my wishlist I have a feeling it is not going to become a reality for a long time but a girl can dream!

Where are your top places you would love to see?

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