Sunday, 27 July 2014

La-Brasiliana Blow Drying Lotion

Straightened your hair to death? Dye it a lot? Curl it? Twist it? Over Brush it?  Yep we all do it!
This Is a product that I don't believe is widely known by people but definitely should be! It is by far my number one product!

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This product is a blow drying lotion that you apply to damp hair just before drying and styling.
It penetrates the hair rather than just coating it like other products so not only does it make it smooth, but it also adds keratin and collagen to help repair any damage that may have been caused to your hair previously.
What I like about the product is it isn't sticky, you do not feel it in your hair at all however I wouldn't recommend this just before curling your hair as the curls will just drop out as your hair becomes so soft with the product.
When using this product on clients I notice a huge difference in the ease of blow drying curly hair to straight. It goes so shiny and seems to just do as I want with more ease as very curly hair likes to resist against going straight usually!
Now the price is around £24 for a bottle which I know sounds quite steep...HOWEVER I have had the same bottle for around 10 months and I use it every time I do my hair doing around 4 pumps per go and I wash my hair every other day. So even though at first it sounds pricey, it works incredibly and lasts forever which is better than a cheaper product that is not so effective and doesn't last half the time.
If you are struggling with dry ends and unruly hair this product is definitely worth a go! You will not want to use anything else!

What are your favourite products for hair? Let me know!

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