Monday, 28 July 2014

Method Bathroom Cleaner Review

Cleaning...Some people love it some people hate it and I am actually someone who genuinely enjoys cleaning their home. For me, there is nothing better than a home that is sparkling and smelling lovely! I have purchased the METHOD lavender multi purpose cleaner before as it was on offer so I thought I would give it ago,To my surprise I really liked it. It's a non toxic product which I liked as I have to be careful of certain products used around my dog (silly I know). I was expecting a really weak smell but the smell was strong and pleasant and it also cleaned really effectively. I then came across the METHOD bathroom cleaner and instantly wanted to buy it due to the fact it was eucalyptus mint scent which just sounds fresh and clean!  photo methodbathroom.jpg
The bottle it comes in is massive, so it will last you aaaggeesss. Also, the smell is so nice! It did not disappoint! The cleaning power itself is surprisingly good as well and left my sink, toilet and bath glistening! My new favourite product for bathrooms :) Can't wait to try out more METHOD products!

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