Monday, 4 August 2014

Donkey Sanctuary

If you knew me, you would know that I have such a love for all animals! It doesn't matter what type of animal they are (apart from sharks -- biggest fear ever).
We randomly decided to go to the Donkey Sanctuary, Leeds as something to do more than anything.
It was surprisingly quiet.. Infact, it was only me, my dad and my brother in the entire place. There was a plus side to this though and a man who worked there lead us round and told us a little bit of what this place is all about.
He explained that not only do they rescue the donkeys (tbh that's what I thought the donkey sanctuary was) but they also allow children with disabilities to see them and have a ride on them which has fantastic benefits to their health.
Also, what I found funny was they take a selected donkey to elderly peoples homes as a way of pet therapy. Can you imagine?! a donkey just turning up at your door ha ha.
But the more I stayed with them the more relaxed I felt! They are very calm creatures to be around as they are quite slow and chilled.
I found it sad that this place wasn't more popular as they completely rely on donations from the public. They have no other help whatsoever financially. They have childrens play areas right next to where all the donkeys are, they have grooming days, food, picnic area and have really tried to make it a special place.
I was so impressed -- I ended up "Adopting a Donkey". Of course, this does not mean I am taking one home ha ha but it is a yearly donation towards the upkeep of the grounds and the welfare of the here he is.


 photo 995450_10152166927455940_4884509197603476675_n.jpg

Abused from a young age, William D is now a lovely placid sweetheart who loves his food and is going to live the rest of his life happy and loved in the Donkey Sanctuary...£24 well spent me thinks :)

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