Monday, 18 August 2014

How to save money!

Wanting a deposit on a house? A new car? Or simply want to save for a rainy day but find you have nothing left at the end of the month to put away? Well keep on reading..Here are afew tips that help me when I need to save for something..

1. Try to not keep any cash on you -- Cash is so easy to spend! Using your card makes you think twice so try to keep a very minimal amount, if any cash on you.

2. Shop wisely -- Even if it's a food shop just buy the essentials. Don't buy the most expensive brands for everything go cheap!

3. Don't treat yourself so much! This may sound bad but you gotta do what you gotta do if you want more money and if you can go without that £30 dress then do it!

4. Set up a savings account -- Set up a direct debit each month to go into a savings account, if you can put more away that month then do it manually. You can also make it fixed so you can't withdraw the money for a certain length of time, but do what is right for you.

5. Now I live on my own, I am so careful about bills and I switch off all the plugs I am not using at that time. It has saved me nearly £40 a month just doing that!
I do not use a tumble dryer, I let everything air dry which again saves a huge amount of money.

6. If you own a car, then every year look online for a new insurance as you can end up saving yourself a fortune!

7. Rather than going straight for the heating, get yourself a onesie! We all have one at home and it keeps you so toasty and cuts the cost of  gas/electricity!

Hope these tips have helped :) Let me know if you have any tips which help you save!

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