Sunday, 28 September 2014

New Hair september 2014

 photo newhair.jpgMy new hair! Really chuffed with it! Had about an inch taken off the length and re shaped around my face with a bit of a "long fringe" put in so i could flick it back. I also had a new colour put on and although this picture doesn't really show it i've had a subtle ombre put through the ends. Colour combo below:
For anyone into the Hairdresser Chat we used the colours wella, koleston -- 8/43 with 6% on the roots to about just below my nose and then we used 12/1+ 12% with a sprinkle of bleach to give it a boost on the mid lengths and then right on the ends we used bleach + 6% and mashed the colours together at different heights to knock out any lines! Love the outcome very happy with it :)

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