Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Our trip to Morocco -- Agadir

Me and Aaron have just returned from our one week holiday to Agadir, Morocco and we have absolutely loved it!
The weather was blistering heat it was around 38 degrees celcius and with me being so pale i burnt quite badly on the first day but did not let it ruin my holiday!
We went all inclusive and it was brilliant! We stayed at the Riu Tikida Dunas hotel and  it's a 4 star platinum hotel whatever that means but the food and drink was top quality!
We find it pretty impossible to just lounge around all day so we did an excursion about 5 out of the 7 days to get a taste of Morocco..

Day 1 was a chill day and a day to book all our trips!

Day 2 -- Dune Buggies! The funnest thing EVER we both got a chance to drive the buggy and we drove down to the beach, over dunes, saw goats along the way and best of all got to go really fast..
 photo dunebuggies.jpg
Day 3 -- 2 hour argan oil massage all for the price of roughly £26 how amazing is that?! We got to lie next to eachother whilst having it done which we thought would be romantic but just got the giggles ha ha

Day 4 -- Go Karting -- This was ace but by far the scariest for me as you go insanely fast and i spun off on the practice run hitting the edge of the track and didn't dare go fast after that!
 photo ggokart.jpg
Day 5 -- Walk to the Marina -- This is a modern area of shops and cafes which we thought we would like to have a look at. It was a hours walk from our hotel but we didn't really see anything we liked..the walk was nice though!.

Day 6 -- Tree Adventure -- This is where you are attached by a harness doing different activies high up..There are different difficulties but we did get the level 5 (the last level) i started to get really freaked out as its about 15ft in the air and the harness starts to feel not so quite effective when ur so high up! Enjoyed it though!
 photo treeadventure.jpg
Day 7 -- Chill day -- We were returning that day so we relaxed ate and drank a lot of just relaxed untill our flight home :)

Overall i would recommend Agadir as a place to visit, whether you are just wanting to sunbathe all week or do activities like us! Agadir has something for everyone!

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