Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review Oral B 3d white glamorous shine

I am always trying out different brands of toothpaste and I am constantly dissapointed with the results each time.
I am a hhuuggeee coffee drinker so as you can imagine i need a good whitening toothpaste to remove those stains!
The oral b 3d white glamorous shine was something i bought in mini for my holiday. It happened to be on offer so i went for it.
I started using it and for the first couple of days it was like any other toothpaste not much different, had a nice taste to it but that's about it. On the third day i started to notice a BIG difference in my teeth! They were definitely whiter and just looked healthier somehow!
I kept using it and it's now been about 2 weeks using this stuff and i have fallen in love!
Don't get me wrong they don't magically turn your teeth bright white or anything but they deffinately remove stains and give you a whiter, brighter smile! Give it ago see what you think!

 photo oral-b-3d-white-luxe-glamorous-shine-tandkraumlm-75-ml-0.jpg

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