Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Riu Tikida Dunas Hotel Review -- Agadir

So even though i wrote a quick blog about the holiday, i wanted to write an in depth review on the hotel we stayed at incase anyone is looking for one in the area. So first a picture is always good and although i personally didn't get one of the whole grounds, i have found one that is the most accurate to what you will see when you get there..  photo tikidadunas.jpg

Now, first off i will give you a little heads up on the weather, we were fortunate and the temperature was around 38 degrees celcius near enough everyday which is not uncommon in September.
However, i got a speaking to the reps and they said that the week before it had been cloudy and rainy and not very hot which again is apparently common in august which i find strange! So they said the best time to go is September through to December.

What i liked most about this hotel is it stuck very much to the Moroccon theme in decoration and layout throughout the hotel. A lot of hotels i looked at had been refurbed but extremely modern and i don't feel like it gives it the same appeal. If your in a different country you want to feel like you are..atleast in my opinion.

We were greeted by staff the moment we got off the bus and they explain to go to reception, leave you bag, and a member of staff will carry it up the room for us..instant love for this place we all get treat like royalty! However we are not royalty so we just took our own bags to give the staff a break it was like 2am!

We had a meeting the next day with the reps to gather our bearing, know about the different restaurants, learn about the excursions etc. To our suprise all the managers of the different areas of the hotel also turned up to introduce themselves which i personally thought was a nice touch.

Excursions were booked with ease. Never had any problems bar our last day where we got a driver that was late, twice and quite moody but the boss of the excursions seemed to have firm words with him without us actually saying anything.

The bedrooms were very basic, quite bare but when we walked in they had actually put rose petals on the bed and made the towels into swans and really made it special for us and we were impressed.
There was the odd cracked towel however they are due to refurb in october so all that will be changing.

The pools were incredible..huge and lots of sunbeds for people though unfortunately people would put towels on them at ridiculous times in the morning so you might not always get a good spot.
Pools are extremely cold though but once your in you soon get used to it!

There are 3 restaurants.. moroccan grill, Italian and normal buffet. A lot of variety for the food, and i especially liked the breakfast with there being full english or coissants or fruit so something for everyone. Only thing i would say is it would probably benefit from being a bit warmer as by the time you've found a seat, got a drink and picked the food you want you find your food on the colder side.

The staff are great and there is ALOT of them as soon as you put an empty cup down they get it straight away it's really impressive. As a side note, the language barrier can make things slightly difficult as English is not a main language of theirs they infact speak mainly french however for the most part it's not an issue.

There is a little shop inside the hotel selling cigs, drinks, magazines, souveniers and all that stuff which all comes at a suprisingly good price.

£8 roughly 100 dirhams. £80 roughly £1000.

There is also a salon, prices again are not completely insane however all treatments in a hotel salon can be quite pricey. If you want a nice massage they offer an excursion for a 2 hour massage for roughly £26! Bargain!

The Beach is also about a 3 second walk from the door it is literally next to the beach which is great for anyone into jet skiing or sunbathing, plenty of space.

Overall i would definately recommend this hotel especially for couples or families..maybe not fantastic for the older couples due to the size of the hotel.

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