Monday, 29 December 2014

Flawless Skin using BB cream

                                                            Nivea BB Cream

 photo niveabb.jpg
I have never really understood the hype about BB cream but I decided to give the Nivea BB cream a go this week as I am a fan of their products anyway. WOW I was pretty amazed at what it did for my skin!

It claims to even out skin tone, and also to brighten your skin and I really thought it achieved that!
If I am having a bit of a lazy day and I don't need to do full make up and just want a dewy, clear complexion this BB cream is great!

Now I am naturally very pale but I still used the medium to dark one and it gave my skin a nice bronzed glow (as long as you don't over do it).


Before: Uneven Skin tone and dark around the eye area
 photo 10636150_10152439357420940_3069544256814408067_n.jpg
After: Bronzed and glowing (no other foundation/fixing powder used on the face just added eye makeup)
 photo 10425005_10152439357480940_5961811706877385490_n.jpg

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