Friday, 26 December 2014

Tassimo Fidelia Review

Tassimo Christmas Surprise!

I have wanted one of these machines for so long now and decided I would try find one in the January sales.
To my surprise however, my Mum was a step ahead and she got one for me on Christmas day with a whole load of the Tassimo pods yaayy!

 photo 10556374_10152435648895940_2670489152454810603_n.jpg
Following the instructions, it was a simple set up.. but due to the fact it was the first time i suppose it was a little time consuming sorting the filter and everything but that is to be expected.

As a side note it's certainly worth registering your Tassimo machine as they tend to offer you some vouchers and discount of some sort and in this case i got 2 x £10 off my next two orders! Worth it if you ask me! The expiration date of these also has about 2 months apart per order which is great so you are not rushed to purchase more when you don't need them!

Best flavour so far: Suchards hot chocolate
                                Twinings breakfast tea

And i really want to try the caramel latte but it was not included in my pack (BOO) but i have ordered some new flavours to try out!

What i love especially about these particular models, is they all have such a modern look to them.
I got mine in black.
As soon as you turn it on and pop the pods in the machine, it is ready to go and the water does not take long to heat up.
The screen also words what you need to do so very simple...good for when you have just woken up ha ha.

Overall a great product and would recommend to anyone wanting a quick and easy way to get a delicious drink!

P.s. Tends to be deals on throughout the year so you can end up getting one for around £50! Bargain!

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