Sunday, 20 December 2015

Rimmel Match Perfection Review

Rimmel Match Perfection Review 

 photo 12373431_10153138531020940_2044693415558407922_n.jpg

Foundation is a product which many of us struggle with. It  is either the wrong consistency, wrong colour, dries your skin out or is too oily. 

The Rimmel Match Perfection is aimed more at people with dry skin, it is very moisturizing but is also long lasting. 

One of the things that really did stand out for me is that is does not cling onto dry patches at all. It does take some blending when first applied because of it's moisturizing agents, brush strokes are quite apparent so more blending is required than other foundations i've used. 

I have pale skin and I have always gone for very pale foundations, but I find it can wash me out and make me look almost ill. With this, I wanted to find a darker foundation that didn't go orange on my skin, the picture doesn't do this foundation justice as i can honestly say it has no orange tinge to it and actually gives a very nice "healthy, holiday glow" to the skin. 

One thing I did notice about this foundation is it claims to minimize pores which i do not agree with, in fact without been powdered they can be very obvious. 

That leads into my next negative, as I have started trying this out in winter, it maybe too dewy for me and it requires quite heavy powdering in order to build up the overall look and give it a more matte finish...I can imagine in summer this not been the case though and would be fine without powder. 

Overall I do like this foundation giving it a 7/10. I will carry on using it and it's possibly one i'd even repurchase, mainly for the good colour match as been pale i'd usually struggle going darker without it having an orange cast to it. 


Good Colour Match 
Healthy Glow 
High SPF 
Buildable Coverage 
Doesn't break my skin out 
Fine for pale skin


Does not reduce appearance of pores
Not the easiest to blend 
If you suffer from bad acne, coverage maybe not good enough 
Not good if wanting a matte look. 

Would I repurchase : Yes 

Price: £7 

Friday, 11 September 2015

Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette Review

 photo 12006258_10152980237300940_7316553347916831428_n.jpg

If you are into blogs/youtube then you will definitely of heard of Tanya Burr. For those who havent, she is a beauty guru on youtube and has over 3 million subscribers.

Tanya has recently released more palettes into her cosmetic line and this seems to be the most popular palette so I thought I would give it a try, at only £6 I felt I couldn't go wrong.

 photo 10366227_10152980237100940_3437927619737900556_n.jpg

The packaging has come under some criticism, some people say it looks cheap and doesn't last well, however, I feel that for £6 you cannot expect plastic or glass materials and even though the colours of the packaging are not really to my taste I personally think it looks quite pleasant..I do wander why the letter "H" in Hollywood is in lower case though..i'd be lying if I said that doesn't bother me!
There is a heart shaped mirror on the inside too which is a nice touch and certainly comes in handy.

Shades in the Hollywood Palette:
Nude Delight -- Matte
Gold Coin -- Shimmer
Enchantment -- Shimmer
Bookworm --Matte

I will start off by saying there is no denying these colours compliment eachother and they have done a great job on all 4 shades suiting all skin tones.

I feel they have done such a great job on the matte colours. the nude delight is a lovely pale shade which is great as an all over base and great for the inner corners of the eyes.
This could also be used on it's own for those casual days.

Bookworm is impressively pigmented with a rich, warm undertone and does make a fantastic crease colour and again, a great all over shade!

The shimmer colours is where i feel it lets the palette down..they look incredibly in the case but as soon as you get them onto your eyes it's barely noticeable.

Gold coin is especially subtle and it takes a lot of building up to get the desired shade, it can look quite pretty as a glaze over the lid after putting bookworm on.

Enchantment I have used a few times and I just cant get it to that gorgeous colour that is in the case it's always so sheer and never adds much to the look.

Overall for £6 I am happy that I have two matte shades that I will 100% use again and again..the shimmers do let this palette down and need a little work!

What do you think to this palette?

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Urban Decay "Chill" Setting Spray Review

 photo 11892061_10152941793420940_7448723664515778333_n.jpg
I have always had problems when it comes to my makeup sliding off my face, especially around my eyes, making me look very panda like!
I've tried some cheaper setting sprays in the past, but found them to not be very effective, so I really wanted to invest in one I had heard good reviews about.
I have very dry skin so make-up emphasizes this, hence why I went for the cooling and hydrating one.

The first day I didn't follow the instructions at all and thought 2 sprays was waayy too little so I went ahead and must of  put 6 sprays or more on..this was quickly regrettable when I went to check my makeup a couple of hours later and it looked aweful! Dry, patchy, dull..not good.

I didn't give up, and on day 2 I simply put 2 sprays on from a distance..I felt instantly hydrated and it does definitely give an instant glow to the face which is great for a morning! I also noticed that my eye make up especially stayed on better than if I didn't have the setting spray on.

One thing I will say, however hydrating or cooling it is supposed to be, it's a setting's designed to hold make-up in place and I believe this never truly works to the benefit of dry skin as I feel afew hours in I am quite patchy in places.

Overall I do however feel that If it helps my eye make-up stay put then it's worth the money because I have never found any product to help my eye make up stay put!

What do you think of this setting spray? Any recommendations?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Moving Out! Tips

Apologies that I haven't been on here much...a lot has been going on!

-- Holiday

-- New Job

-- Now moving House

So with a few changes going on it came to light that we were going to have to move house quite quickly..which was a scary thing to be faced with at first but soon turned to excitement!

Best thing to do when looking for a flat/house is determine how much you can afford each month..take into account EVERYTHING including all those little bills that can be quite easy to forget about! We also took into account how much we want to be able to spend on food.

Once you have done that, it's time to get looking! Figure out what you want, do you want 2 bedroom? 1 bedroom? 2 bathrooms? Now of course, with renting i feel like you can't be too picky and you must compromise with certain things but equally don't pick any old place if its not right. Myself and Aaron have A LOT of stuff so we knew 1 bedroom would simply not be big enough.

You have now chosen a place..go view it and see if you really love it! Then it's time to do your application form. This is where they check if you have animals/how much you are earning etc etc.

They tend to want references so once that's done and it's all been approved your good to go!

TIP: Move quickly if you are interested in a place...they get snatched up so quickly!

We opted for a 2 bedroom maisonette and it's just perfect!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Submarine Safari...Lanzarote

 photo 1902870_10152810626940940_211468637638851689_n.jpg

Another excursion we went on was the Submarine Safari trip! We got picked up at our hotel and drove for around 35 minutes to the marina where the Submarine was.

You don't get much time to look around the shops..maybe just 10 minutes before and after the trip which I found a bit of a shame as it could've been somewhere new to check out.

A few people were panicked when they first had to go down a small stairwell into the submarine but once you have got through that bit you have a big open space where you feel more than comfortable and seats are close together but not too close.

In front of your seats is a BIG window for you to look through and also a little screen in front of you so you can see the submarine go under and back up. (Also shows you the fish from a different angle).

They have a diver go down and feed the fish to attract them to the submarine so we have more to look at! Of course animals will vary and some trips will be more exciting than others i'm sure.

I don't know what I was expecting exactly but we found the trip to be surprisingly boring...I guess once you're in the water you don't really do much but sit and see the same small fish so after 30 minutes you are more than ready to head back up. It also costs 55 Euro each which..considering you don't have time to get some food or look at the shops I just find it to be too over priced!

Though I can now say I have been in a submarine which is pretty cool!

Katie x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lanzarote Costa Teguise Camel Ride

 photo 22814_10152802898160940_6679934333510855814_n.jpg

 photo 11535863_10152810629435940_4090479822509996078_n.jpg
This lil buddy was a Camel in Training, no one rode him as he was still small but he was learning to follow the rest :)

We had the great opportunity of having a Camel ride on our holiday in Lanzarote. I was a little skeptical at first, only because I worry the animals are not looked after correctly and I wouldn't want to encourage that by paying them.

However, on our volcanic tour the rep told us how there are 300 camels there and only 100 are taken out at one time and work only for 4 hours a day. They only work one day (4 hours) and then have 2 days off whilst the next 100 camels do 4 hours the following day.
The camels are also protected by the government and get lots of food and water and are really well looked after!
We were given a few facts on the weight the camels can carry and how long they can go without water, really amazing creatures!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable ride at only 12 Euros. You can also purchase a picture they take of you for a further 5 Euro.

I will be continuing the next few posts with different reviews of the different trips I have taken in my time in Lanzarote. This will include the Submarine trip, Volancanic Trip, Aarons Diving Experience and the Texas Rancho Park.

Katie x

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Holiday Essentials and SPFs

Lanzarote is just a few sleeps away so we have been getting packed and getting ourselves so excited for the holiday!

Even though I would LOVE to be able to tan...reality is, I simply don't. I'm fair skinned and a red head so factor 50 is it! Of course Aaron has that lovely skin that tans within a couple of days so he has gone for the Malibu bronzing tanning oil which smells AMAZING! I seriously recommend this for people that are fortunate enough to have skin that tans and only need a low SPF.

For me, I have bought the ROC SPF 50+ for sensitive skin. My skin has been really sensitive to products lately and because I burnt so badly on my last holiday (Morocco with 40 degree heat) i'm not taking any chances.
It's very high protection UVB and UVA and fragrance free. Also Waterproof.

                                                          Holiday Essentials Below

 photo 11412108_10152770276350940_1731538092036766823_n.jpg

Essentials To Remember For Holiday:
Shampoo and Conditioner
Body wash
Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
Suncreams and Aftersun
Insect repellent
Make Up
Body spray/Perfume
Chargers / Adapters
Antibacterial Gel
Face Wipes
Books or Kindle
Straighteners/Hairdryer travel size ideally
Beach Towels

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Meal Idea..

 photo 11392886_10152775520100940_2706936736913310259_n.jpg

I accidentally ended up making the most gorgeous sauce to go over my boring chicken and homemade chips meal so thought I must share! I didn't have any tomatoes left, so I went into my cupboard to find a Lloyd grossman Tomato and basil sauce actually for pasta but nevermind ha ha ..I mixed that with a full bag of spinach (it welts so much!) I like my garlic ALOT so used about 5 cloves of garlic chopped up or crushed whichever you prefer , bacon bits about 3 streaks cut up (already cooked) and salt and pepper to taste. obviously it's cheating as the sauce is practically pre made I just spice it up abit but wowza it turned out so good! Turns a boring meal into a tasty one!

Also added a sprinkle of cheese to top it up!


Katie x

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tara Smith Feed the Root Review

 photo 11232355_10152729548570940_6861436562249087486_n.jpg

This product by Tara Smith is a hidden gem! I have been trying these "Feed the Root" products out on myself for about 2 weeks, using sparingly at first as I have only purchased the mini set to try out from a friends recommendation.

 This set includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Serum and was at a reduced price of just £2.99!

Boasting a vegan product which is not tested on animals, using natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and seaweed extract to refresh and smooth the hair, this product gives your scalp a brilliantly refreshing feel once used without drying out the hair.

The scent is a herbal/menthol scent which in other reviews a lot of people are not fond of, but I beg to differ, I think it makes your hair smell very clean and fresh.

I have difficult hair, It's very oily at the root but dry mid length to ends so I always struggle finding products to work for both problems.

The shampoo does not foam up much on the hair so what I tend to do if my hair is full of product is use an anti dandruff shampoo first, as my scalp also suffers from that problem too! I then use the feed the root shampoo which foams up better once your hair is already clean, and then the conditioner just on the ends.

When I have towel dried my hair I use 1-2 pumps of the serum on the ends of my hair and my lovely caffeine serum for my roots, read my review of the caffeine serum HERE 

My favourite thing about this product is even if i don't blow dry my hair it tends to dry very soft and smooth and also as it cleanses the hair so well my hair does not go oily half as fast as when I use my regular products.

It's one I will re purchase and encourage people to buy this.

 photo 11224432_10152729549075940_4991159093521928804_n.jpg

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Nivea Cleansing Wash for Sensitive/Dry skin

 photo 10930165_10152764086610940_5483308288443414429_n.jpg

This Nivea Facial wash for sensitive / Dry skin is a product I have been trying out for about a week and really enjoying! If you have followed my blog for a while you will know I am a big fan of this range but had not yet tried the facial wash.

I'm much more of a cleansing wipes person, but thought a facial wash may be a good change and a little less harsh for my skin.

The scent of this product is pleasant and similar to the rest of the range if not more subtle.

The product itself does not foam up much on the face which takes a while to get used to as you feel like you need to use more product but try to resist!

You get a large amount of product and I got mine at half price at £1.97 and will take a few months to get through.

I have not broken out in any spots since using this face wash which is a huge bonus as most face wash products do tend to make me break out and irritate my skin.

Overall another positive review for Nivea sensitive range and it will be a product I will definitely re purchase!

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Stuffed Pepper Recipe

Constantly looking for easy recipes as I'm far from a natural when it comes to the kitchen, I came across this little gem, Stuffed peppers. Extremely easy and so delicious!

These are the ingredients you will need for this easy dish:
4 large peppers -- Colour of your choice
Can of chopped tomatoes
Mince meat -- I used beef but the actual recipe states turkey
1 onion or 1/2 cup -- I bought diced onion to simplify matters even more!
Sachet of rice
4 cloves Garlic
Tomato Passata
Cheese  -- I got already grated...I really am lazy!
Bread for breadcrumbs this is optional but I chose to go for it

 photo 10301937_10152742955625940_8774559463467875731_n.jpg
 photo 11108676_10152742955925940_7986831921079695224_n.jpg

1. Add a little oil into a pan and brown off the onions and the garlic.
2. Add the mince and brown off, add salt and pepper to taste
3. Add the can of chopped tomatoes -- I suggest removing some of the liquid before adding
4. Mix in the sachet of rice
5. It's a good idea to pre heat the oven at this point to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 Celsius.
6. whilst this mixture is cooking, cut the peppers in half remove all the innards and de seed.
7. Mix in your preferred amount of tomato passata into the mixture and then also put some on the bottom of the baking tray.
8. Once all mixture is cooked through, Stuff your peppers.
9. Put the stuffed peppers onto the tray
10. Add the breadcrumbs if you desire.
11. wrap the tray in foil
12. Cook for 30 minutes
13. Take the peppers out and add the cheese onto them and cook for a further 2-5 minutes. Keep checking.
14. Then you are ready to eat! I will be adding garlic bread as a side.

 photo 10405615_10152743423135940_5761014272639275864_n.jpg
Should Look like this when first taken out the oven.

Hope you enjoy this really easy recipe!

Katie x

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Caffeine Serum for hair?! Review!

 photo 10478556_10152729549710940_9136089126239238829_n.jpg
 photo 11264445_10152729549445940_9046302832356129096_n.jpg

A bit of a hidden gem of a product I have found here! I had a very bad year last year and with that came a lot of stress which didn't only effect me, it effected my hair too! My hair used to be very thick and healthy and all of a sudden it became brittle and was shedding a scary amount each day. This lasted a few months and although it's calmed down a bit now, it still sheds more than i'd like. Stress is a huge factor to this and although i'm out of the stressful time now my hair needs a little help getting back on track.

This Caffeine serum by Natural World is a stimulating serum that I got cheap from a local store but can also be found on amazon and Ebay. It is designed to strengthen the hair at the root whilst stimulating the scalp promoting hair growth. It was around £4 and although I wasn't expecting much I just thought what the heck for that price I shall give it ago and it turned out there are many good reviews on this product which was exciting, I have been using it for just over a week.

It doesn't specify whether to put it on wet or dry hair so I presume you can put it on both, however after trying it on both I prefer putting it on wet hair as I feel the product spreads better. Getting the correct amount is admittedly difficult at first as if you don't distribute the product correctly it can dry a bit hard like hair gel in certain spots of the head.

To my surprise, after a few days of using it (you must use it everyday) I noticed that my hair was in fact shedding less. No it didn't completely stop it which it wouldn't, but I really felt it had helped.

Also, I like how the product isn't heavy on the hair at all once it's dried you wouldn't of guessed you have put a serum on your hair. One bottle lasts 60 days as you don't have to use much product on application, about 6 drops seems to be about right for me.

Been this impressed with the serum I will be trying out the shampoo and conditioner also to see if that stops the shedding completely!
Hope this post has helped for anyone going through a similar problem.

Katie x

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cloudy Sunset Nails

 photo 10920902_10152729549780940_1769027675481369838_n.jpg

Who else is loving these nails?! I decided to do clouds on my nails and sunset nails on my lovely cousin Emma. I will post the link I used to create the clouds!
Barry M Nail polish in shade blueberry as the Base colour.
Unbranded White polish pen for detail.

Watch the video of how to do this HERE

Sunset nails were more complicated -- you will want to use better quality polishes for these as the cheaper ones did not show and it's very hard to layer them (we learnt the hard way).

Use a black polish pen for detail. Other colours unbranded.

Watch the video of how to do Sunset nails HERE

Saturday, 16 May 2015

WomensAid Donating Clothes

Womens Aid is a Charity providing help and support to Women and Children who have been victims of domestic abuse. Website HERE
They provide safehouses with rooms for women who have left their violent partners and usually arrive with nothing, just the clothes they are wearing that day.
Donating is really important because the homes are shutting down due to lack of funding, making it even harder for women to escape the terrible situations they are in.
You don't just have to give money though. Clothes, furniture, bedding it all helps the women set up a new life for themselves when they finally manage to get out of their violent homes.

You can call this number and someone will arrange to pick your goods up from you, as where the victims stay is a complete secret so they cannot be found by the person/people they are trying to escape.

National Domestic abuse Helpline open 24/7 --  0808 2000 247

Domestic Abuse E-mail --

General Enquiries 
Tel: 0117 944 44 11 (general enquiries only)

Fax: 0117 924 1703


Our address: Women's Aid Federation of England, PO BOX 3245
Bristol, BS2 2EH, England

I have donated lots of clothing that I no longer wear. Amazing how your old items that you no longer require can be someones ticket to a new beginning. 

 photo 10659184_10152718961230940_2230212186439104851_n.jpg

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wedding Inspiration

Me and Aaron have been engaged for 3 years now..we have prioritised other things ahead of wedding planning as it's so expensive! Just recently though, I've started saving pictures and ideas for inspiration for the big day...Hope this helps you all too!
Our ideal wedding would be abroad somewhere special to us, with our very close friends and family.

 photo 1fba853516668a03dcc90a86e0e5b1f6.jpg photo fe94e25be357dba0e481ac594b415162.jpg photo 54ef6261e17f7bff34c1ff5236e95f04.jpg

 photo 5db60d7d63a592dda41bdb0f6ddb7c16.jpg

 photo e322f558e742b831e9a5ad27dabd5869.jpg

Saturday, 2 May 2015

REVIEW | OGX Coconut Milk Range -- Before and After Pics!

As I promised, this is my full review for the Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum for the Coconut Milk range by ORGANIX or OGX.

 photo 11196289_10152695742645940_3031239310215309896_n.jpg
OGX Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum
 photo 11170332_10152695742780940_5890872155147993055_n.jpg
Anti - Breakage Serum

One thing I will say before using it is I checked the ingredients and I was disappointed to see that sulfates were present in the shampoo, even though in previous posts I've read it says they are sulfate free. Sulfates contribute to stripping the hair and can fade coloured hair quickly.

The products all have the same very subtle coconut smell, very nice but maybe on a personal preference I would like the scent to be a bit more obvious? Each to their own of course.

The shampoo comes out really gloopy and thick but doesn't seem to effect it's lather power, conditioner is of normal consistency and I left mine on for 3-5 minutes as it tells you too on the back.
Once my hair had been thoroughly rinsed I didn't seem to think my hair felt very soft, sometimes you can feel even when it's wet that it's made it smooth.
However, once i'd put the serum on (2 pumps) and began drying I noticed my hair was significantly smoother and soft to touch. It even made my hair look thicker.

 photo 10689486_10152695915675940_753832252872142575_n.jpgBefore and After  photo 11183461_10152695915595940_6811388192438726241_n.jpg

I Purposely Used no Brush, this is just using a Hair Dryer and my fingers! Results speak for themselves!
It's hard to say if the product strengthens my hair until I've been using it for a few months but so far i'm happy with the results.

If your on a bit of a budget i'd just buy the serum as I think that's whats made the biggest difference in my hair.

Katie x

FeelUnique Review!!

FeelUnique is a site many may of heard of but not many have used..It's a beauty site that provides you with anything from drugstore to high end products. From shampoos and vitamins, to make-up and brushes.
I'm from a small town and my access to the higher end brands or even some drugstore brands are limited. The first time I used this website was to purchase the BareMinerals Liquid Foundation, and i was pleasantly surprised with the speedy delivery and the fact that postage is free if you spend over £10!

I was also amazed that prices either matched or were cheaper than if you went into the combined with free postage you either pay the same or pay less than in a shop without even leaving your front door! Brilliant! 

This time i've ordered my ORGANIX Coconut Milk shampoo, conditioner and serum and the total came to just under £18. 

The products were ordered on the Tuesday and arrive this morning (Saturday). 

Check out FeelUnique HERE 
 photo 11182199_10152695742480940_859503008905619146_n.jpg

What I noticed straight away is they don't complicate the inner packaging. The products are tightly sealed to the bottom of the box so they cannot be knocked and arrived in perfect condition.

Overall I love it and I will be using FeelUnique a lot more!

Katie x

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Products to take on Holiday

1. Sun Cream -- My favorite is the Hawaiian Tropic it smells gorgeous and leaves your skin lovely and moisturized. See full review for this product HERE

2. Antibacterial Hand Gel -- You never know what germs you can pick up on holiday so I always carry some around in my bag! I like the one from Soap and Glory found HERE

3. Herbal Essences Medium Shampoo and Conditioner  -- The travel size ones are too small for me and Aaron but there is a Medium Size range, and can usually be picked up for around £1. They Last for the whole week easily for 2 people. I like the Hello Hydration Range as it keeps hair hydrated and healthy.

4. MakeUp -- Preferably a foundation with SPF, I really like the wake me up foundation by Rimmel. It's got a light feel to it but you can build up the coverage, it is SPF 20.
 photo 10135652.jpg
5. Sun Protector for Hair -- People forget that it's not just your skin that needs protecting but your hair too! Mark Hill have a good Holiday Range. Find there protection spray here. Spray the product evenly through the hair and hair line.
 photo 10136936.jpg
6. Nivea Moisturising lotion -- Sun dries out your skin like nothing else! Use this lotion to hydrate your skin. It leaves a refreshing feel to it and the scent it gorgeous!
 photo nivea-nivea-21576845-942-2560.jpg
7. Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical -- The best for a quick fix to Freshness!

 photo 10660210_10152640847685940_5216459156829400543_n.jpg

Hope this list helps..For the lead up to my holiday I will definitely do more holiday packing posts!

What do you take on holiday?

Katie x

Sunday, 26 April 2015

OGX/Organix Hair Products

I've been hearing ALOT about this brand recently and I am currently waiting for mine to arrive in the post to give it ago! It's not yet huge in the UK, there are only a few of the different ranges in shops at the moment.

I went on their website and I cannot wait for some of the new ranges to hit the shops in the UK! 
There's Eucalyptus Mint to stimulate and cleanse the scalp, Cherry Blossom Ginseng  to add volume whilst moisturising, Lemon Highlights to add brightness to your highlighted hair..ahh the list is endless! 

The one that I am wanting to try though is the one that people are raving about which is the coconut milk range. More specifically the coconut milk shampoo, conditioner and serum. 
People are saying not only do they hydrate your hair and make your hair feel like it's never been touched by heat but a lot of people are saying they are noticing their hair grow quicker too!

 photo images_1.jpg photo 2204320.jpg

I am really looking forward to trying them and will give them a good 2-4 weeks tester to see if i'm noticing a difference and get back to you about them!

Have you guys heard of this brand?

Katie x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cheapest AND most AMAZING shampoo and conditioner!

So I've tried really expensive shampoos and conditioners and also really cheap ones...the products that i will be talking about today are insanely cheap and WOW i love them!

I have infact bought these particular ones before so this is actually my second round of using them. I decided to buy them again to jump back on the coconut oil hype that seems to be happening at the moment. 

Alberto Balsam is an extremely inexpensive product line but also has always been in my favourites since i was young. 
I remember my best friend having them in her bathroom so i used them once and i've been hooked since. Not just with the coconut one either, they have Tea Tree, Raspberry, Blueberry and Apple too! 

As my hair has been having real difficulty recently with splitting and shedding I decided to treat it to come TLC and opt for the Coconut and Lychee shampoo and conditioner. 

Not only does this product smell beyond amazing, but it genuinely makes it so soft and detangles it making it more manageable and super shiny.
It's also meant to help strengthen your hair up with Pro Vitamin B5.

This is by far my new favourite shampoo and conditioner and saves me huge amounts of money at only £1 each! How good is that!

 photo albertobalsam.jpg

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Make-Up and Outfit | Night Out

 photo 11115763_934131009943105_1940642635715605062_n.jpg

Sorry I haven't done a post in a while, I've had a really terrible cold and have pretty much been in bed for 3 days straight so as you can imagine I couldn't share my make-up looks! ha ha
I had a night out with my friends last week and was really happy with how my make up turned out so thought I would share!

Make Up 
I insisted I was going to make a red lipstick work on me! So I went for a darker, orangey red shade. This was actually my friends but I believe it was from MAC and although I loved the shade it was glossy and didn't have huge staying power.
I think now it's spring, more orange red tones suit better and in winter time violet reds work really well.

I'm big on highlighter products at the moment. I used my dupe highlighting Beam mentioned on my previous post and it worked great! I used it on my cheekbones and forehead just to give myself a bit of a glow!

Foundation: Better Skin by Maybelline which has great coverage and lasts all night! I sealed it in with Rimmel shimmer bronzer everywhere and down onto the neck.

I blow dried my hair using Schwarzkopf volume mousse and a large barrel brush.
I then used Osmo heat protector and finished off with my Cloud 9 wide iron straighteners (Best straighteners ever!)
Put BedHead After party smoothing cream on the ends, this helps smooth any stray hairs!

 photo 14702_10152651098350940_3495586806901973519_n.jpg
Outfit By Lipsy

Hope you like the look and I will try my hardest to post more again once i'm fully better!

Katie x

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation | MakeUp Look

 photo Before and after .jpg

This is my makeup look using the BareMinerals Liquid Foundation. I have been in two minds whether I like this foundation,as it's very oily! But, I am enjoying it a lot more now it's getting warmer and everyone is after a more dewy, lighter look.

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1. BareMinerals Liquid Foundation
2. Clarins Blush
3. Rimmel Clear Complexion
4. BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara

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I started by putting a blue based concealer around my eyes to hide dark circles and I add two drops per section of my face for example: 2 drops for my forhead, 2 drops for each cheek and a couple of drops for both my nose and chin. This amount works for me, as otherwise it's too sheer and doesn't cover my acne scars.

BareMinerals say two drops should cover your whole face but this really isn't the case! 

After this, I buff the foundation into my skin and mattify with rimmel clear complexion around my eyes, don't mattify your whole face as it defeats the point of the foundation.

I contour my cheek bones and up to my forehead and then put my Clarins blusher on. Buff everything into the skin.

Apply your mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and then your done!

Hope you enjoyed this step by step and let me know if you like the BareMinerals Foundation!

Katie x

Baby Oil Cleanser?!

Has anyone else heard that you can use baby oil as a cleanser? I was curious to see how it would work, and as I am a big fan on baby oil as a body moisturizer, I thought there is no harm in trying it out.

 photo baby oil collage .jpg

I wet my face with warm water and massaged the oil into my skin for about 20 seconds. I then got a damp cotton pad and rubbed my face in circular motions to help budge the make-up.

I did avoid my eyes as I was a bit worried about putting Oil too close to them as they easily irritate..this is why on the last photo my eyes still have a fair bit of make up on ha ha!

One thing I will say, the oil definitely dissolved and easily removed my foundation but did leave a greasy residue on afterwards which i'm sure will break my skin out in spots as I am prone to them anyway.

This method is not one I will be continuing but I suppose if you had nothing else and were desperate it's an easy alternative!

Have you guys tried this out? Let me know in the comments!

Katie x

Monday, 6 April 2015

Flawless Face | Make-up Tutorial

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This week, I have been doing different techniques to see what works best in getting that glowing yet flawless face.
I have found a way that works great for me and I hope it helps you guys getting that flawless look!

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I didn't want to edit them so you guys know exactly what it looks like in true colour.

So as you can see in picture one I have freckles and the odd acne scar on my chin. I'm also a little darker around the eyes and have bumps on my forehead..Oh how lovely I am making myself sound! My skin used to be ALOT worse, but I have used a miracle gel for years and it's improved beyond belief! I'll save that for another post though ;)

1. So I prepped my skin with the Nivea Day Cream for Dry/Sensitive skin. I give this 5 minutes to absorb into the skin.

2. I dot my "Better Skin" foundation by Maybelline onto my chin, my cheeks, my nose and my forehead. Then next to each of those sections, put a few dots of the High Beam highlighter. (Dupe of the benefit highlighter as mentioned on my previous post).

3. Buff this all into the skin using a foundation brush, you can use you fingers too but i find a brush has a better effect, but everyone's different.

4. Use a concealer to go around any bits that may appear red still. I go around my nose, eyes and chin. Rimmel Wake me up concealer is my current favorite!

5. I then use No.7 shimmer palette in rose, on my cheeks and under my brow arch.

6. Proceed to adding your shadows, mascara, eyeliner to finish the look!

This has worked really well for me and I hope it's helped you guys :)

Katie x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Pastel Blue Kitchen Accessories

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I love this pastel blue color at the moment, it really brightens up my kitchen. I also have some pastel pink items but thought i'd focus on the blue for today.
All my items are from Asda and I will leave a link to the pages I found these on below:

1. White Plate with Blue hearts -- Click Here

2. Washing up Bowl -- My blue one isn't on the website but pastel pink one Here

3. Dip Dyed Blue Mug -- Here

4. Pastel Blue heart cutlery -- Here

5. Tea Tree sensitive washing up liquid -- I purchased at Boyes

Katie x

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Affordable Products for Dry Skin

I find that having dry skin can really get me down when I am trying to get that dewy make-up look. I have tried product after product and find that most make-up looks cakey and foundation emphasizes dry patches.
So, I have been on the hunt for products to help get that brightness back and to help make-up look glowing again.

1. Moisturise
 photo 11140259_10152640847820940_2484511469217079247_n.jpg
The reason I chose this one was first off because I am a huge fan of Nivea skincare products, but also because I purchased the Nivea facial wipes for Dry/Sensitive skin a while back and I must say they are the best wipes I have ever bought. Not only did they remove make-up, but they hydrated my skin so I didn't even have to put moisturizer on after. Of course though, by morning my skin needs more moisture, so I bought it's sister product, Day Cream for Dry/Sensitive skin. If your skin breaks out like mine does, it's also best to use a product for sensitive skin as the ingredients don't irritate the skin the same.

2. MakeUp
 photo 1977040_10152564957790940_4605648536126350215_n_1.jpg
Now you have your skin prepped, it's time to get the makeup side of things right. These are two of my favourite products. One thing I notice about the foundations for dry skin is they are extremely oily which can also make them too sheer. So what I do, is get one of my favourite foundations and mix it with either a highlighting cream or with a bit of moisturiser. This helps the make-up blend into your skin  much easier and creates a more youthful look. (Try not to mattify everything with powder as it can dry you out hugely, instead, use a primer for staying power or a fixing spray at the end).

3. Finishing Up
 photo 11026800_10152640847610940_8911012577752304213_n.jpg
This is a cheap version of the Benefit High Beam and I really like this product. This can be mixed with your foundation or just a few dabs on your cheek and brow arch can give a great effect too.

4. Body
 photo 21218_10152640847725940_5930266121104604167_n.jpg
This is a product to keep your whole body moisturised. This will make your overall appearance brighter.
Baby Oil is brilliant because babys skin loses moisture a lot quicker then an adult, so this oil gives double the moisturiser of a normal lotion. I have bought the Oil Gel as i feel it absorbs into the skin a bit quicker. the packaging is bad though as it's hard to squeeze out! It also has Chamomile in to soothe the skin. (Can be used as a shaving oil/gel too!).

Hope this post has helped and enjoy getting glowing skin for cheap!

Katie x

Friday, 3 April 2015

Balayage Beauty

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Obsessed with Balayage!

How many others are obsessed with balayage?! I just think it suits everyone and it can be as subtle or as crazy as you want it to be.

We dyed my clients hair dark a few months ago and although she liked it as it was easy to maintain from her natural colour, she was bored of it very quickly.
So, I suggested the balayage because it's so low maintenance as long as the root colour is similar to her natural hair. So we went for it and here are the steps i took to achieve this gorgeous colour...

 photo 11029390_10152639253795940_5331377627925071509_n.jpgThis is the before, i asked my client to use a dandruff shampoo to fade the colour as much as she could 2 weeks before I balayaged it, this makes the bleach take a lot easier.

 photo 11137146_10152639253850940_2787623346537861876_n.jpg During -- I love how the hair looks when balayage is working it's magic.

So I used bleach and 9% (Check the hair strength and do a test strand of the hair first if your worried).
I then used 6/0 semi permanent on the root area.

When I washed the hair, the colour was pretty but to me maybe just a shade too golden and i didn't want it to have that "bleached look" so i used 9/1 and 4% on wet hair and massaged it in for 10 minutes checking it all the time.

The 9/1 just toned it down enough, and took out a little bit of the golden shade.

Leave the toner on for longer if you want it to be really ash.

I used my all time favourite product of Revlon equave hydrating spray and cut about an inch off the length and tidied up the layers.

And the finished result is at the top! LOVE IT

Katie x