Saturday, 3 January 2015

Beat January Blues

Ahh it's easy to feel pretty deflated in January after the hype of Christmas and New Year.
It feels like a long month, everyone's skint and getting back into work. BOO.

Well, turn January into your best month! Or atleast a better month ha ha. Turn that sadness into motivation and get cracking with your dreams and aspirations. 

-- Arrange to meet your friends even if they just come round to your house for a little bit it's always a pick me up seeing loved ones.

-- Plan a holiday.. don't book it yet as people all have the same idea and prices tend to go up. But get it planned then you have something to look forward too. 

-- Have a BIG clear out of your house and get rid of old clothes and junk you no longer need/use. Out with the old, in the with new.

-- Go out of your comfort zone -- It's pretty easy to carry on how you were last year but if you're not happy, try and push yourself to do something you usually wouldn't whether it's meeting a new group of friends or joining an exercise class. Anything out of your ordinary routine will instantly give you a lift! 

-- Leave the negative/mean people in your life -- You can never be your true, happy self when you have people dragging you down all the time and putting negativity in your life. Start the year with only happy and uplifting people and you'd be amazed how much your life will change for the better.

Make 2015 your best. Be happy. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Most importantly, Have fun.

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