Monday, 19 January 2015

Tips to Healthy Hair

                                      Top Tips for Hair 

This is of course one of my favourite subjects to talk about! Hair hair hair and with LOTS of trial and error with products I have decided to give a few of my top tips to getting perfect locks.

CUT IT -- Now "the first cut is the hardest". What I mean by that is if you don't regularly get your hair cut, you might have to take the plunge and cut off what it needs.
Split ends can never be fixed they can just be made to look a bit better. The split ends will rise and rise until your hair just snaps off.
If you want truly gorgeous hair cut off what it needs. After this, every 6-8 weeks just get half an inch cut off the length of the hair. It will be looking and feeling amazing within 3 months tops.

INVEST -- Buying top quality products is crucial to getting your hair looking it's best. I'm all for a good bargain but if your hair isn't in great condition, it will be worth the investment.
The Moroccan oil is the product I have found to be the best for helping repair your hair to the best it's gonna get without having to cut it. Other products I like which are a bit cheaper is the loreal range absolute repair.

STYLING -- The best thing to do (as hard as this will sound) is going without heat on your hair for a full month. I KNOW I KNOW but seriously, it makes a huge difference to the condition.
Wearing it tightly back is also not good for it so if you are to wear it up, wear it in a loose plait.

PAMPERING -- Every week or two, take the time to give your hair a deep treatment. Whether this be a conditioning mask or a hot oil treatment it will do your hair the world of good.

Hope you liked my top tips and enjoy getting your hair in good condition!


  1. I used to straighten my hair every day and my hair was fried! I stopped using heat on my hair and it is so much healthier now :)


    1. It makes a huge difference but i know it's hard now as it never feels done unless it's been straightened or curled :)