Friday, 20 February 2015

Boyfriend Dyes My Hair

Been a mobile hairdresser I don't always have the time to have my own hair done.
So I got Aaron to put some dye on my hair! Haha it has come out a little bit patchy but never the less it isn't TOO bad.

We used Kadus 8/43 all over with 6% and I love the vibrancy of it!

Here are a few clips of me having it done and the after!

Before Pic and the 8/43 ready to put on...
 photo 10994939_10152556071955940_3447886389950259855_n.jpg   photo 11017533_10152556072110940_9145228587537820062_n.jpg
  Colour is on arrgghh >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> And the final result...I LIKE
  photo 10995827_10152556071500940_6642537680965703095_n.jpg photo 11001801_10152556071645940_3956409832344601678_n.jpg

Becoming more and more of a fan of Kadus as time goes on! What do you guys think of the colour?!

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