Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Crazy Colour Fail?!

Ahh the fun of having a best friend who loves to try out funky colours! The not so fun side is trying to find a colour that sticks to her hair haha.
I have not known any hair like it before. You put any colour on from any brand and it NEVER sticks. 
It might last until she next washes it, but after that it's as if i'd not done a colour in the first place! 
She is already blonde, but for the sake of getting the fashion colour to work they recommend bleaching it so that's what I did...I used the crazy colour brand in marshmallow. Which is a nice silvery pink (or should be). 
 photo 10474724_10152536751590940_3009363003008435905_n.jpg

After we put the colour on I left it on for the maximum time and once rinsed we saw absolutely no difference whatsoever?! 
As I didn't want her to leave with nothing we then went on to put directions -- violet on the ends for a purple ombre effect. It did take, but she texted me to say it's non existent after she washed it once.

Anyone have these problems?! I am aware fashion colours do not last very long but this is rediculous?! 

What are peoples favourite fashion colour brands that stock in the UK?

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