Friday, 6 February 2015

Hair Transformation Blonde to Brunette

                                                       Blonde to Brunette

It's all about deep rich tones at the moment, and that's exactly what I did on my client today.
She has had quite a lot of caramel highlights for the last few months and was ready for a change.
As you may know if you repeatedly get highlights done, you can find that the ends of your hair get blonder and blonder and with this, more damaged.

My client asked for a deeper brown colour that will add a lot of shine and warmth to her hair.

So here are the results:
Before:                                          After:
 photo 10354936_10152530023025940_1448499053375376034_n.jpg  photo 11023_10152530023070940_7483969186447648594_n.jpg
The blonde makes it appear as if it's quite frizzy and damaged even though it's in fact in good condition.
The colours I used are the Kadus semi-permanent 6/75 on the roots and mid lengths and then I melted it into a 7/0 with a dash of 6/44  to give it a slight red tinge. The reason I used two colours is because i believe it gives it a really modern twist to have slight different tones in there rather than it been just a boring flat colour.
I finished with a curly blow dry to show off the different colours.
LOVE the result and so does my client.
Now she has shiny, healthy looking hair.

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