Monday, 23 February 2015

Red violet

                                                                Fresh Red 

I'm afraid this is not going to be the most interesting post as unfortunately I completely forgot to get a before picture! In the end it wasn't a HUGE transformation but a big freshen up.

I will try an explain the before situation as best I can.

The root growth was about 2 inches and was around a base 9. The mid-lengths to the ends were a faded dark red/nearly orange colour. She wanted it a lot fresher red without the orange.

I chose the kadus 8/46 which is a blonde red violet and a gorgeous rich red. I chose the violet tone over the pure red as i feel the intense reds have a strong orange tone to them which is not what the client, or me wanted!

As the roots were so different to the ends I mixed 30ml 8/46 with 15ml 7/0 with 6% for the root colour. Otherwise you would get HUGE root glow.

The midlengths and ends I just put the 8/46 with 6% on its own.

Here are the results. I am so sorry for the flash aswell but I can assure you it was an even colour! Let's just class this post as a picture fail. Ha Ha.
 photo 10993462_10152556068705940_8014015218608711622_n.jpg

We also took about 3 inches off the length to get a lovely blunt cut to enhance the condition, making the colour look lovely and shiny.

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