Friday, 13 February 2015

Soft Balayage

So I have done a lot of ombres over the last few years but what seems to be getting more popular now is the balayage technique. This is a freehand sweeping effect to create a soft,gradual change from dark roots to lighter ends.

My client said her hair had been dyed too dark..(not by me i may add!) she wanted it a bit lighter but without having to worry about roots.
If you lighten the ends and do a few face framing highlights it can make the base shade look a lot lighter anyway so as I didn't want to damage the hair from the roots I left the base shade alone.
She also wanted to make sure the ends were not too light and did not want a huge contrast between the top the the bottom.

Here are the steps I took in pictures...

This is the before picture. Highlights showing through the hair and the ends have fades, this is a good base as it will be easier to lighten those ends.

 photo sophiebefore.jpg

The picture below is the during process. I used Bleach and 9% (30vol) to get it to a nice pale yellow colour. I also used some Moroccan Oil in the bleach to keep the elasticity of the hair the best it could be.
Fine strands of hair and then more of a block colour on the ends to create the lighter look.
 photo during.jpg

The pictures below are the finished product! The colour went surprisingly nice just from the bleach but I do like to finish ombres/balayage with a toner. I used Loreal Dialight 9.13 with 4% after shampooing the hair and left it on for 15 minutes. I rinsed, conditioned and did a curly blow dry and here we have it! A gorgeous subtle ombre that has lifted the hair and given it a fresh,young look. I was so impressed with the outcome! Balayage is definitely a technique i'll be doing again.
 photo sophieafter.jpg                        photo 10959416_10152542091010940_1872436055498728018_n.jpg

What are your favorite techniques?

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