Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Importance of Doing what you LOVE

                 Do what you Love, And Love what you Do

Recently, I had made an extremely difficult decision to leave a well paid employed salon job and pursue my love for hairdressing solo.

Why you ask? Because the salon environment no longer made me happy.

I used to be one of these people that believed that as long as i was getting paid well, I could tolerate just about anything. That is until i looked back and thought when was the last time I had the energy to go out after a week of 11 hour shifts. When was the last time i sat down with friends and family and actually asked how they are doing? The theory of tolerating everything lasted 4 years...and then i cracked.

I must say this journey has made me realise the importance of happiness. Not only am I happier within myself, but people around me are happier. CHANGE IS GREAT.

Originally my plan was to take a few months out and try something completely different to hairdressing. However, after one week i knew this was the wrong choice and instantly got back into it.

As many stylists will know, you build up friendships with your clients and you support each other through tough times.
Many of my clients have stuck by me and I am overwhelmed with how people have been with me since my decision to leave the salon.

So I bought all my stock, and cracked on. I love my job. But most importantly I'm happy.

This is a picture a client and friend bought for me to hang next to my hairdressing station..
 photo 1977040_10152564959060940_989075019406386323_n.jpg

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