Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ombre to Blonde

 photo 10955390_10152634110220940_5359904425205239130_n.jpg Blondeeyyyyyy

So my friend who has been featured many times in this blog has now decided she really wants it blonde! She had her hair dyed dark a while back and for a bit of fun we have done some ombre and balayage but now she really just wants to be back blonde.

Best thing to do is explain to your client it will be a gradual process as you must do what is healthiest for the hair. I used bleach and 6% in foils and 8/1 and 6% on the roots just to lift the base ever so slightly to blend in the blonde better.

We are both so happy with the results as a first go but do recommend products to help the condition of your clients hair as it was of course dry compared to what it once was.
I know I rant and rant about this product but I love the Revlon Equave leave in conditioning spray...it's keratin based and makes your hair so soft once you've used it.

My client has also leaped onto the Coconut Oil Hype and LOVES it so she says I must get some!

So I will give that a go and let people know how it works!

Katie x

Monday, 30 March 2015

Aarons Hair Cut

"The Iced Gem"
 photo Snapshot_20150330.jpg
We always joke about the iced gem look men seem to be having nowadays.
However, today Aaron said he wanted something completely different as his hair had become really long.
Originally, he said he wanted to shave it completely off but then we decided to leave a little bit of hair on top!
I was surprised how much he suits it actually. Always fun doing things I don't get to do on a regular basis!

Katie x

Chubby Bunny Challenge

So as a little addition to mine and Aarons challenge channel we have done the chubby bunny challenge.


We had tonnes of fun as always and will be continuing these challenges on a weekly basis :)

Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 27 March 2015


I hate most sun creams...I hate the smell of them, I hate how sticky they are and I hate that your skin feels awful after re applying it all day. Unfortunately though I do need to use it it's very important especially with how pale I am! I use factor 50 and sometimes 30.

Last year my opinion changed!
I have found the nicest smelling, most moisturizing suncream around and I want to share that with you!

Hawaiian Tropic comes in all factors and a few different product types. My favourite is the Silk Hydration Moisturizing Sun Cream which looks like this:

 photo silk-hydration-50.png
Of course they always claim to last 12 hours, but I would highly recommend still re applying it every two hours and after been in the pool or doing intense sport. Take no risks! 
This sun cream has that gorgeous holiday scent and leaves your skin glowing! A little goes a long way so i'd say a bottle would last 1 person a full week. (Maybe two if you are like me and apply it all the time!)

I like to start off with factor 50 for the first 3 days and then move onto factor 30 just to give my skin a bit of chance at tanning! Yeah who am I kidding ha I don't tan! 

They also do a range for very sporty/active people I presume it's extra waterproof or something and they also do a tanning range which is low SPF and slightly tinted. 

Katie x 

Lanzarote?! | Lifestyle Blog

Well, as many things are always changing for me recently another random event has happened!
In my previous posts i've been saying i'm wanting to go to Venice. Still True, however me and Aaron decided to have a spontaneous trip to the travel agents just to see if there were any good deals on. 
We usually use Thompsons but we went to Thomas Cook first as we always see really good deals in their window! 

So we gave the lady our budget and told her we wanted 4* All inclusive...Didn't really mind where we go but we did have a couple of places we didn't want to go so we named them.
We really did not expect her to find anything to be honest. 
And then Lanzarote popped up.. It was in fact somewhere I had suggested a few months ago and it sounds perfect! The Spa is included and can be used whenever as long as you are all inc. 

So we booked it there and then and we are going mid June! Yay!

There is also tonnes to do there....Scuba Diving (which Aaron will do I definitely would not), Submarine trip, Zoo, Water Parks, meal on top of the volcano! Lots of restaurants and bars about 600 meters away from the hotel if we wanted to venture out. 
I believe we are about 700m away from the beach too, although, we prefer to be by the hotel pool! (I'm not a sea person one bit).

Can't wait to go and will be doing lots of product hauls and clothing hauls in the mean time!

Katie x

Monday, 23 March 2015

Chocolate HAUL

 photo chocolate.jpg

Me and Aaron went on a little shopping trip near us as we really wanted to go to Asda to get our Pug Bedding which we did manage to get hold of as you will of seen in my previous post!
Near Asda there was a pound shop duh duh dduuuuhhh you can never just walk past a pound shop right?! We ended up unintentionally doing a chocolate haul! WOWZA that is alooott of chocolate!
We are way too happy about this right now...sometimes you must indulge!

Another thing I never leave the pound shop without is cleaning products so also stocked up a few of them!

Katie&Aaron x

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Pug Bedding < 3

You may of seen on my ASDAspiration post that I was really wanting the Pug Bedding from Asda.
So we finally got it and I absolutely love it! Appologies for the very bad photo but Coco wouldn't budge and I wanted to get this photo up for you guys to see it :)

 photo pugbeddingcoco.jpg
Double Duvet Set £12 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Bean Boozled Challenge!

Me and Aaron have been watching some youtube videos of the BEANBOOZLED challenge and have been laughing our heads off! We instantly wanted to have a go of this...we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!

Different colours represent two different flavours. For example: Pink will represent Tutti frutti OR Stinky socks. So you play with 2 people but a group of you can also play.
The challenge is to both have the same colour at the same time and one of you will get the DUD one! This ends up hilariously funny (for the viewers anyway!).

Our selection of options:
Brown: Canned Dog Food or Chocolate Pudding                                   Find our YOUTUBE Video
White: Coconut or Baby Wipes
White and Yellow: Buttered popcorn or Rotten Eggs                                             HERE 
Pink and Speckles: Tutti Frutti or Stinky Socks
Orange: Peach or Vomit
Green speckles: Booga or Juicy Pear
Green: Cut grass or Lime
Blue: Toothpaste or Berry Blue

 photo beanboozled2.jpg
Me and Azz

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Wall Sticker Inspiration

Have you ever thought of a really good design idea for a room in your house but can't quite work out how you are going to achieve it?
I'm not particularly good at painting, and if I was to hire someone to do it it would end up costing me an arm and a leg. 

I was looking for something to brighten up my office area as it is just purely white and black everywhere. Although this is a style I do usually love I am really ready for some colour in my life!
I didn't want to paint my walls as I felt I'd only want to change it back. I didn't want ANOTHER photo hung up as I dread to think how many holes are in my wall at this point...So then I started searching sites and pinterest for Ideas and I found the brilliant idea of wall stickers! Of course!
I came across this gorgeous wall sticker design from Next. I thought it would look lovely on the wall I'm always looking onto when i'm sat at my desk.

 photo thumb_large_fbf7c584c53658e67f262160a1db8d5fb1493735.jpg

At only £12 this is definitely something I will be purchasing! 

Do you like this design? Let me know!
Katie x 

Dip and Dine at the Chevin Country Park Hotel and Spa.

Last month for my 22nd birthday my Auntie bought myself and my cousin Emma  a "Dip and Dine" Spa experience in the Chevin Country Park Hotel and Spa located in Otley, West Yorkshire. We have been once before just to use the gym but got to experience the full works today!

The package included:
-- Full access to all the Spa facilities
-- Access to the Gym
-- A meal at the hotel restaurant
-- A 30 minute treatment which could be either a facial, back and shoulder massage or body glow.

We were greeted at the entrance and signed in. We were given a towel, gown and slippers and the lady offered to show us around the grounds. Emma knew the grounds well so we said no need and cracked on!

Firstly we went into our FAVOURITE bit of the spa which is the outdoor hot tub. Not only is it toasty warm but it over looks the lake in an idyllic spot and you feel instantly relaxed. We stayed in here for a good hour!

 photo hottub.jpg
Enjoying the Hot Tub! 

 photo grounds.jpg
The Lake that the hot tub overlooks, so peaceful 

                                         photo massage room.jpg
The room where we got our treatments done! It was the twin room so we had our treatments done together which was lovely :) So impressed with my facial -- Elemis products used and the young girls have obviously been trained to a high standard. 

 photo selfietub.jpg One last dip before going home!!

From 10am till 4pm using all the facilities, plus treatments and food for just £40 each! Amazing deal and is certainly worth going on the website as there tends to be lots of different offers on all the time which you can find here .

Had a lovely day, good food and great company :)

Katie x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Asda is without a doubt one of my favourite shops from food all the way to clothes and especially homeware!
Without sounding offensive on them, I feel they "copy" other brands at just the right time but putting it to an affordable price so in my books they win everytime!

Here are a few things I love from Asda right now:

 photo pugbampW.jpg

The Pug Bedding! Ahh I love this! I also love the fact it's in black and white so it's less kiddy like! Ok..it's still pretty kiddy like ha ha but i still want it! At only £12 for a double duvet set you cannot go wrong!

 photo pastelpinkDEblue.jpg
Even though i'd say my style is definitely more black & white, modern, there is something about a really girly pastel kitchen that I just can't get enough of!
I especially like the duck egg blue colour but with a hint of pastel pink -- partner this with a duck egg blue fridge and this would be my dream kitchen!

 photo KCUSHION.jpg
The "letter cushions" would go perfectly on my black leather sofa.
I cant decide if I would get bored of these pretty quickly but i feel at only £4 each you can get away with that!
Saw these in NEXT for £10 each so a saving of £6 is not bad at all :)

Katie x

Top 5 Biggest Regrets In Life


Just today, I was reading an article online about a retired nurse who cared for the terminally Ill.
She asked them all what their biggest regrets in life were and there were a lot of repeated answers which she has then shared with us.

It's really interesting to read and so true. When you are living life you often plod along with whatever you are doing because you never think about what's just around the corner. But if something did happen..can you look back and say you have no regrets?

Well, if you knew you were no longer going to be here, what would you of done differently? Here are the answers these people gave:

1. "I wish i'd lived a true life to myself, not what others expected of me". -- This is so true, we all live the life we think we should to please others. Do well in school, get a job, meet someone, get married, have children, work more, have lots of money.
This is because society has made it so it's strange to go out of that routine, maybe you don't really want lots of money? Not everyone needs a huge house and to be married with children.

2. "I Wish I hadn't Worked So Hard" -- Now of course, we all have to work to be able to live, but do we need to work as much as we do? Everyone has had it where work consumes your life and your so stressed at home because of it...was it really worth it when you look back?

3. "I Wish I had the Courage to Express My Feelings" -- Alot of people hide what they are really feeling to not cause drama or not be the one to stand out. But is there ever a time you really felt like you should of said something and never did and now live to regret it?

4. "I Wish I'd Stayed In Touch With My Friends" -- It's so easy to all of a sudden get a panic and think wow I haven't spoken to my friends for a few weeks I better ring them. Friends are your life support. Whether you have one or a thousand..don't forget to stay in touch.

5. "I Wish I'd Let Myself Be Happier" -- This one really is a mix of all the above. As really when you look back over your life..you don't want to think "well i had a good income and i was a hard worker".
In my eyes, it was all worth it if you can look back and think "yeah I've had a happy Life".

"If you're not happy...what's the point?"

This article i'm sure will get a lot of people thinking, as it did me. We can have regrets at any age...What are your regrets?

Katie x

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers Day and Re Arranging the Bedroom!

My oldest brother is unwell so me and my middle brother went for a meal with my mum, her partner and my grandma and had such a lovely time together. There is no safer  place for me than been with my family and spending real time together. 
Peoples lives get busier and months can pass before you all sit down and just enjoy spending proper time together. We all got a sunday roast ahh go good. 

On another note:

I just cannot seem to get my room right at the moment. 
Me and Aaron moved the whole room around a couple of weeks ago as I needed a place to do friends and close clients hair as well as a cosy bedroom. We did not realise how hard this would be!

So it looked OK when we first did it so we left it like that for a while. It looked so salon like and considering I only do a few clients in my room we didn't feel it was cosy enough and pointless just for the sake of pleasing a handful of people.

So when Aaron was at work I set too it again. It took about 2 hours doing it all by myself but it looks so much better! I feel very comfy now and just waiting for Aaron to get home, in hope he doesn't go mad ha ha. 

Katie x

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Crispy Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Casserole | Food Post

So as I previously mentioned I have become really obsessed recently with pinning lots of food ideas on pinterest. I never actually end up doing them, but this one seemed really straight forward and I was going on a food shop anyway so thought I would give it ago!

So if you like chicken, rice, broccoli and Cheese you will most likely love this dish. It's also topped with cornflakes which sold it to me! However, of course, you can miss the cornflakes out.

So what you will need is:

1 can chicken soup

2 cups of diced chicken (mine was already cooked)

2 cups of cooked rice

1 1/2 cups of cheese

2 cups of broccoli chopped into small pieces

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

1 1/2 cups of cornflakes

1/2 cup melted butter

Pre - heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

Me been from the UK we don't really measure things by 'cups' however by chance a while back I had bought a set of 'Cup measurements' But i'm sure you can find the equivalent measure online.

The steps are so easy --  apart from the cornflakes and the butter put all the other ingredients into  a casserole dish and mix together.

Put the crushed cornflakes over the top and then melt the butter in the microwave and poor over the cornflakes.

Place in the oven and cook for around 20 minutes -- 25 minutes just until the top is looking golden.

So easy, cheap and yummy! Win win win.

This is the finished dish! Says it serves 6 -8 i'd say more like 4-5 if you are wanting a good portion!

 photo 10408152_10152599525485940_1643446504889376759_n.jpg

 photo 10172782_10152599525605940_527535884615338861_n.jpg

Something I like to do is prep the meal in the morning and bob it in bowls and wrap it in a sandwich bag and put it in the fridge...this way when it's later on in the day and your a bit tired it's all ready for you, you just have to mix everything up! So much easier.

Katie x

A Busy Week and Malteser CAKE..| Lifestyle Post

What a week...Had my Dads birthday on the 11th, My brothers birthday today on the 14th, and Mothers day tomorrow on the 15th!

We had a lovely family night in for my Dads birthday and we all went to his house where we saw the master of all cakes made by his partner...The Malteser Cake.

Chocolate Cake sandwiched with chocolate icing and coated with maltesers. It was amazing! This deserves a BIG picture.

 photo 11067768_10152599526010940_8207297228427159285_n.jpg
Love the one little candle in the middle ha ha

Also my brothers birthday was today and he was meant to be coming to see us all and to go for a meal or something but he fell ill :( Hopefully he is coming round tomorrow for mothers day so it can be a joint occasion!

On friday night I had a night out with one of my best friends and we had a great time! It's rare it ends up been just two of us and sometimes it does you good to just have some one on one time with your bestie! Never a dull moment when we are together too my jaw aches from laughing so much!
I wasn't feeling too well myself that night so was having serious make-up and hair issues NOTHING was going my way as you will see in the pictures below:
 photo 11062695_10152599525750940_1411760834532359505_n.jpg Ha ha this about sums up my ability with selfies! This was genuinely my first attempt at getting ready and how I usually would get ready.. I was very pale and my hair was not doing me any favours but with A LOT of make-up and my cloud nine straighteners to the rescue I think I pulled it off in the end.
 photo 10647215_10152599525365940_6609062219788331896_n.jpgSorry for the terrible quality I didn't use flash. Went quite heavy on the make - up and curly hair for a change :)

I also have been going crazy on the pinterest food pins recently and decided to FINALLY give one a go tonight and it turned out pretty darn good, so I will tell you what I did and how I did that on my next post :)

Sleepy now, up nice and early for another day of seeing everyone and going out for a meal for mothers day! Update with the present situation.. I've decided that I will get her a box of Krispy Creme doughnuts and some flowers. Bit different but I know she loves both so I think it's a winner! Ha ha.

Katie x

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hair EXPLOSION | One of those days

 photo 11052511_10152590689525940_1240014555623706719_n.jpg
Anyone else use the Phrase "One of those days" as much as me?!
I was already having a pretty bad day for luck as it was, and then my stock order came for all my hairdressing supplies!

It's like Christmas for me everytime I order some hairdressing stock especially when trying out a new product! The box itself felt light which worried me initially!
So to my disappointment after £70 down I find my peroxide had exploded in the box and destroyed everything in it! Not to mention the toner i needed that day wasn't in the box! BOO!
 photo 14691_10152590689780940_3898509011653534405_n.jpg

Luckily the company I use was so good and said they would send my entire order back out free of charge a.s.a.p! Which is amazing!


There is nothing worse than feeling a constant itch on your scalp or looking in the mirror to discover your black top has 'Snow' all over it!

It is something that all my family suffer with and we have found a few products to help ease that itch and help cure your dandruff :)

There are 4 options that I have found to be the best and I will label them from 1 - 4.. 1st been my favourite.

1. Head and Shoulders
This stuff is not only SO easy to get hold of, selling almost anywhere, but also it's very affordable.
I find this particular brand to be without doubt the number one in clearing unwanted flakes.
What I also really like about this product is since it's expanded and become hugely popular it's released so many different options from coloured hair to fine hair to even thinning hair! So you are bound to found one that suits your hair type.

2. Tesco Pro Formula 
I find that when it comes to trying to remove dandruff the cheaper brands just don't cut it. As i'm a product junkie I try things out anyway and gave this one a go. Brand made by tesco and i bought the one that was for oily hair.
I must say I was so impressed it definitely cleared up my scalp, admittedly not quite as quickly as the head and shoulders but if you are in need of a slightly cheaper alternative this stuff is great!
The citrus one also makes your hair feel very clean afterwards :)

3. Oilatum Scalp Treatment 
 I remember once I had a very tight, itchy scalp yet it wasn't the flakes that were the cause of this problem so I went into boots to ask what would help and the lady recommended this.
It wasn't cheap for the size of the shampoo you got I think it was around £10 but the bottle is small.
However, I applied this and left it on my scalp for afew minutes and you could actually feel your scalp soothing!
I only had to use it a couple of times and it sorted the problem straight out so definitely a good product!

4. Loreal Instant Clear 
Even though the name of this product gives the impression it would clear your scalp right up, I didn't find that this is what it was best for.
I really liked that your scalp felt soothed after use and if your leave it on for afew minutes it does reduce the redness of your scalp.

Little tip -- There is also the Dettol first aid liquid that is for cuts, spots and also dandruff.
I put just 1 capful in my bath and not only does it help your scalp it makes you feel lovely and fresh! But don't over do it you will smell like a hospital!

Cheap holidays?! | Travelzoo, Icelolly

Me and Aaron over the last 2 years have got into a bit of a routine of treating ourselves every year to an expensive all inclusive holiday... We LOVE it and we usually use Thompsons as I feel with a rep you have the security of knowing you will be looked after if anything is to go wrong.  They also book all your excursions for you.

Well, with my life changing especially...with leaving my job and starting fresh and from scratch setting up my mobile hairdressing business, we are on the hunt for cheaper holidays not using any of the major companies as this will reduce the price by around 300 pounds.

However, with sites like Travelzoo, Icelolly it's really not that bigger challenge anymore. Both of these sites have been used by my friends and all say it's absolutely fine.

We have found CRAZY cheap prices to well known locations.

As we wanted to do something a bit different from the typical all inclusive week holiday as that's all I've ever done we have opted for....drum roll.....VENICE.

Venice is somewhere I have always wanted to visit hot or cold I don't mind it's meant to be absolutely beautiful so that's where we will hopefully be going next :)

Hopefully I will VLOG about it on my youtube channel when it comes to it.

We are thinking of going April/May time depending on when Aaron can get off work.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to make your hair SHINE

If you are one of these people that HATE having dull hair then look no further I have afew tips and tricks on how to get your hair super shiny!

PRODUCTS-- From the shampoo and conditioner to the blow dry product. I use OSMO shine shampoo and conditioner and then i use my favourite product at the moment REVLON equave leave in conditioner. This product repairs your hair but also gives crazy shine!

MASTER THE BLOW DRY -- Just wafting your hair around with a hairdryer sends your hair into a frenzy. You want to get the cuticle to lay flat as this gets the light to bounce off of it.
Get a hairdryer with a nozzle and always aim in a downwards direction with a brush, this smooths all the hair shaft creating a killer shine. If you have very curly hair you may want to run over your hair with your straighteners.

FINISHING SPRAY -- If your hair is still struggling to get that glamorous shine, use a shine spray to finish off the look. My favourite is the Moroccan Glimmer Spray. You see instant results!

 photo moroccanoil-glimmer-shine-spray-spray-finalizador-brilho_iZ498XvZxXpZ1XfZ48212181-76451824814-1_jpgXsZ48212181xIM.jpg

Hope this post helped guys...let me know your results! 
Katie x 

Monday, 9 March 2015

My Favourite Products for Damaged hair!

 photo revlon_equave_hydro_nutritive_detangling_conditioner_stor.png In 1st place is the Revlon Equave leave in conditioner!

I am obsessed with this stuff and it comes in at a great price at around £11.
It is keratin enriched which helps re build the bonds of your hair leaving it in much better condition. It is not a heavy product and doesn't make your hair feel oily, yet creates a gorgeous shine on the hair.
This product can be blow dried into the hair or afew sprays onto your hair and left, both options leave lovely results.
My hair also feels ALOT softer after using this.

 photo 41VHqq6Zs5L._SY300_.jpg 2nd place comes the Absolut Repair conditioning mask.
This product has a thick creamy consistency and works miracles on really damaged, over processed hair.
Although I'm not overly keen on how much this product weighs your hair down...It definitely repairs and improves the condition of your hair in a short space of time. Combine it with the absolut shampoo and you will be back to long shiny locks in no time!
I would also recommend this product for thick, curly coarse hair as it weighs the hair down and smoothes it out it will create lovely tamed curls whilst providing your hair with moisture.

 photo moroccan_oil_treatment_125ml.jpgThis is one people are probably sick of hearing about by now..and admittedly a bit of an investment coming in at around £32.
Moroccanoil doesn't just coat the cuticle but absorbs into the hair repairing it from the inside out.
It can be used on wet or dry hair and as little or as much as you like.
On days where I am just around the house, I like to put 6 or 7 pumps on and just soak my hair in it and wash it out on the evening!
This product strengthens and repairs your hair and is a lovely finishing product for adding shine.

What are your favourite products?

Katie x

Friday, 6 March 2015

Mothers Day Ideas | Presents and Days Out

So Mothers day is creeping up on us and I thought it would be a good time to recommend a few presents and ideas for the day to show you love for your mamma!

For the Day: 

Go out for a meal -- If there are a lot of siblings a meal is always a good one so you can all get together and enjoy each others company.

Spa Day -- Of course this is one more for the girls and their mums but always a winner! There tends to me mothers day packages where you would both get your treatments done together.

Pamper Day -- If you can't afford a Spa Day,get creative and create a pamper day for your mum where you give her a manicure, a facial or even do her hair for her all in the comfort of your own home!

Shopping Trip -- Go somewhere you don't usually go and stop off for some nice lunch to break up your day :)

Tickets to a play -- My mum LOVES going to shows and I think it would make a lovely present!


Yankee Candles -- There are so many options buy her a Large Yankee candle with a scent you think she will like.

Perfume -- Perfume is always such a good present! My mums favourites are Chanel No.5 and Ghost.

Jewelry -- Doesn't have to be a really pricey piece. I like looking on etsy as their are a lot of handmade and unique items on there.

Make-up -- I recommend the BareMinerals as it is very sheer and light on the face but gives a lovely end result.

Wine and Flowers -- Not just any wine...try slyly find out which is your mums favourite wine and flowers are as it will have a lot more meaning then just buying her any old thing!

Picture -- Get a picture of you and all your siblings and put it in a nice frame and present it with some flowers or chocolates.

Vouchers for her favourite shop -- If you really struggle with presents take the pressure off and give your mum vouchers so she can pick something out herself.

Hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration of what to get your mum for Mothers Day!

Katie x

Blackpool | World Snooker | Players Lounge

My Dad has always had a love for Snooker and became a very good player at a young age.

He has played for fun since he was a child.  Now, later on in his life, he decided he wanted to become a qualified snooker coach and has been doing that for the last 3 years.

This has come with many opportunities, one of which was getting 4 free tickets into the world snooker at Blackpool Tower. 

My Brother, My Dad, My Dads Partner and Myself drove to Blackpool nice and early to ensure we got a place to sit etc.

It was a really fun night and we got to meet some of the well known snooker players as we had the chance to get into the players lounge. (Admittedly i didn't know many of them ha ha).

Understandably, I was not allowed to film or take photos in the players lounge so only ended up with one photo in the entire night!

 photo 1798599_10152580482630940_4194143497041111521_n.jpg

I genuinely was interested in the cameramen and how it all worked behind the scenes. It was interesting to see the host getting ready to speak for the TV and we all got told when to cheer and to cheer louder and when to be quiet!
And there was me thinking snooker is a silent game!

Katie x

Monday, 2 March 2015

Review | BareMinerals Liquid Foundation

Skin Type : Normal/Dry

It took me a LONG time to get into the hype of the mineral foundation as I never believed it would give me enough coverage. With acne scars and blemishes I need these to be covered!

A friend bought the wrong colour for her skin tone in the Ready compact powder foundation by BareMinerals and actually gave it to me (lucky i know!) and this is how i was introduced to this brand.
Well a few months down the line and I am IN LOVE. It has even improved my skin as it doesn't clog your paws like your average foundation.

So when I heard that BareMinerals had brought out a Liquid Foundation I had to get it.
The foundation is around £26 and then they wanted you to buy a "special brush" to buff it into the skin. Well, I might spend the money on the foundation, but I will not then spend the same amount on a brush so I went without, I have lots of foundation brushes anyway.

So excited to try it, I got home and opened it up straight away. The lid was hard to get off...whether this was just mine i'm not sure, but when I finally did get it off the liquid came pouring out. Ok, not a good start.
So to get the foundation all mixed up you have to give the bottle a good shake, which I did and then I began to apply...It didn't seem to cover the same and felt EXTREMELY oily.

I applied more than what it recommends but otherwise I felt it was non existent! Throughout the day I was really disappointed to look in the mirror to find my eye make up had slid off my eye and I looked more like a panda.
My face also looked very shiny..not dewy.

Overall the product gets a thumbs down from me, I found it just didn't match up to their previous products and It will not be one I will be buying again.

Has anyone else tried this product? What do you think?