Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Busy Week and Malteser CAKE..| Lifestyle Post

What a week...Had my Dads birthday on the 11th, My brothers birthday today on the 14th, and Mothers day tomorrow on the 15th!

We had a lovely family night in for my Dads birthday and we all went to his house where we saw the master of all cakes made by his partner...The Malteser Cake.

Chocolate Cake sandwiched with chocolate icing and coated with maltesers. It was amazing! This deserves a BIG picture.

 photo 11067768_10152599526010940_8207297228427159285_n.jpg
Love the one little candle in the middle ha ha

Also my brothers birthday was today and he was meant to be coming to see us all and to go for a meal or something but he fell ill :( Hopefully he is coming round tomorrow for mothers day so it can be a joint occasion!

On friday night I had a night out with one of my best friends and we had a great time! It's rare it ends up been just two of us and sometimes it does you good to just have some one on one time with your bestie! Never a dull moment when we are together too my jaw aches from laughing so much!
I wasn't feeling too well myself that night so was having serious make-up and hair issues NOTHING was going my way as you will see in the pictures below:
 photo 11062695_10152599525750940_1411760834532359505_n.jpg Ha ha this about sums up my ability with selfies! This was genuinely my first attempt at getting ready and how I usually would get ready.. I was very pale and my hair was not doing me any favours but with A LOT of make-up and my cloud nine straighteners to the rescue I think I pulled it off in the end.
 photo 10647215_10152599525365940_6609062219788331896_n.jpgSorry for the terrible quality I didn't use flash. Went quite heavy on the make - up and curly hair for a change :)

I also have been going crazy on the pinterest food pins recently and decided to FINALLY give one a go tonight and it turned out pretty darn good, so I will tell you what I did and how I did that on my next post :)

Sleepy now, up nice and early for another day of seeing everyone and going out for a meal for mothers day! Update with the present situation.. I've decided that I will get her a box of Krispy Creme doughnuts and some flowers. Bit different but I know she loves both so I think it's a winner! Ha ha.

Katie x

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