Friday, 27 March 2015


I hate most sun creams...I hate the smell of them, I hate how sticky they are and I hate that your skin feels awful after re applying it all day. Unfortunately though I do need to use it it's very important especially with how pale I am! I use factor 50 and sometimes 30.

Last year my opinion changed!
I have found the nicest smelling, most moisturizing suncream around and I want to share that with you!

Hawaiian Tropic comes in all factors and a few different product types. My favourite is the Silk Hydration Moisturizing Sun Cream which looks like this:

 photo silk-hydration-50.png
Of course they always claim to last 12 hours, but I would highly recommend still re applying it every two hours and after been in the pool or doing intense sport. Take no risks! 
This sun cream has that gorgeous holiday scent and leaves your skin glowing! A little goes a long way so i'd say a bottle would last 1 person a full week. (Maybe two if you are like me and apply it all the time!)

I like to start off with factor 50 for the first 3 days and then move onto factor 30 just to give my skin a bit of chance at tanning! Yeah who am I kidding ha I don't tan! 

They also do a range for very sporty/active people I presume it's extra waterproof or something and they also do a tanning range which is low SPF and slightly tinted. 

Katie x 

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  1. I've heard good things about this sun cream (güneş kremleri) product. Going on my wish list now!