Thursday, 12 March 2015

Cheap holidays?! | Travelzoo, Icelolly

Me and Aaron over the last 2 years have got into a bit of a routine of treating ourselves every year to an expensive all inclusive holiday... We LOVE it and we usually use Thompsons as I feel with a rep you have the security of knowing you will be looked after if anything is to go wrong.  They also book all your excursions for you.

Well, with my life changing especially...with leaving my job and starting fresh and from scratch setting up my mobile hairdressing business, we are on the hunt for cheaper holidays not using any of the major companies as this will reduce the price by around 300 pounds.

However, with sites like Travelzoo, Icelolly it's really not that bigger challenge anymore. Both of these sites have been used by my friends and all say it's absolutely fine.

We have found CRAZY cheap prices to well known locations.

As we wanted to do something a bit different from the typical all inclusive week holiday as that's all I've ever done we have opted for....drum roll.....VENICE.

Venice is somewhere I have always wanted to visit hot or cold I don't mind it's meant to be absolutely beautiful so that's where we will hopefully be going next :)

Hopefully I will VLOG about it on my youtube channel when it comes to it.

We are thinking of going April/May time depending on when Aaron can get off work.


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