Thursday, 12 March 2015


There is nothing worse than feeling a constant itch on your scalp or looking in the mirror to discover your black top has 'Snow' all over it!

It is something that all my family suffer with and we have found a few products to help ease that itch and help cure your dandruff :)

There are 4 options that I have found to be the best and I will label them from 1 - 4.. 1st been my favourite.

1. Head and Shoulders
This stuff is not only SO easy to get hold of, selling almost anywhere, but also it's very affordable.
I find this particular brand to be without doubt the number one in clearing unwanted flakes.
What I also really like about this product is since it's expanded and become hugely popular it's released so many different options from coloured hair to fine hair to even thinning hair! So you are bound to found one that suits your hair type.

2. Tesco Pro Formula 
I find that when it comes to trying to remove dandruff the cheaper brands just don't cut it. As i'm a product junkie I try things out anyway and gave this one a go. Brand made by tesco and i bought the one that was for oily hair.
I must say I was so impressed it definitely cleared up my scalp, admittedly not quite as quickly as the head and shoulders but if you are in need of a slightly cheaper alternative this stuff is great!
The citrus one also makes your hair feel very clean afterwards :)

3. Oilatum Scalp Treatment 
 I remember once I had a very tight, itchy scalp yet it wasn't the flakes that were the cause of this problem so I went into boots to ask what would help and the lady recommended this.
It wasn't cheap for the size of the shampoo you got I think it was around £10 but the bottle is small.
However, I applied this and left it on my scalp for afew minutes and you could actually feel your scalp soothing!
I only had to use it a couple of times and it sorted the problem straight out so definitely a good product!

4. Loreal Instant Clear 
Even though the name of this product gives the impression it would clear your scalp right up, I didn't find that this is what it was best for.
I really liked that your scalp felt soothed after use and if your leave it on for afew minutes it does reduce the redness of your scalp.

Little tip -- There is also the Dettol first aid liquid that is for cuts, spots and also dandruff.
I put just 1 capful in my bath and not only does it help your scalp it makes you feel lovely and fresh! But don't over do it you will smell like a hospital!

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