Thursday, 12 March 2015

Hair EXPLOSION | One of those days

 photo 11052511_10152590689525940_1240014555623706719_n.jpg
Anyone else use the Phrase "One of those days" as much as me?!
I was already having a pretty bad day for luck as it was, and then my stock order came for all my hairdressing supplies!

It's like Christmas for me everytime I order some hairdressing stock especially when trying out a new product! The box itself felt light which worried me initially!
So to my disappointment after £70 down I find my peroxide had exploded in the box and destroyed everything in it! Not to mention the toner i needed that day wasn't in the box! BOO!
 photo 14691_10152590689780940_3898509011653534405_n.jpg

Luckily the company I use was so good and said they would send my entire order back out free of charge a.s.a.p! Which is amazing!

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