Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How to make your hair SHINE

If you are one of these people that HATE having dull hair then look no further I have afew tips and tricks on how to get your hair super shiny!

PRODUCTS-- From the shampoo and conditioner to the blow dry product. I use OSMO shine shampoo and conditioner and then i use my favourite product at the moment REVLON equave leave in conditioner. This product repairs your hair but also gives crazy shine!

MASTER THE BLOW DRY -- Just wafting your hair around with a hairdryer sends your hair into a frenzy. You want to get the cuticle to lay flat as this gets the light to bounce off of it.
Get a hairdryer with a nozzle and always aim in a downwards direction with a brush, this smooths all the hair shaft creating a killer shine. If you have very curly hair you may want to run over your hair with your straighteners.

FINISHING SPRAY -- If your hair is still struggling to get that glamorous shine, use a shine spray to finish off the look. My favourite is the Moroccan Glimmer Spray. You see instant results!

 photo moroccanoil-glimmer-shine-spray-spray-finalizador-brilho_iZ498XvZxXpZ1XfZ48212181-76451824814-1_jpgXsZ48212181xIM.jpg

Hope this post helped guys...let me know your results! 
Katie x 

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