Sunday, 15 March 2015

Mothers Day and Re Arranging the Bedroom!

My oldest brother is unwell so me and my middle brother went for a meal with my mum, her partner and my grandma and had such a lovely time together. There is no safer  place for me than been with my family and spending real time together. 
Peoples lives get busier and months can pass before you all sit down and just enjoy spending proper time together. We all got a sunday roast ahh go good. 

On another note:

I just cannot seem to get my room right at the moment. 
Me and Aaron moved the whole room around a couple of weeks ago as I needed a place to do friends and close clients hair as well as a cosy bedroom. We did not realise how hard this would be!

So it looked OK when we first did it so we left it like that for a while. It looked so salon like and considering I only do a few clients in my room we didn't feel it was cosy enough and pointless just for the sake of pleasing a handful of people.

So when Aaron was at work I set too it again. It took about 2 hours doing it all by myself but it looks so much better! I feel very comfy now and just waiting for Aaron to get home, in hope he doesn't go mad ha ha. 

Katie x

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