Friday, 6 March 2015

Mothers Day Ideas | Presents and Days Out

So Mothers day is creeping up on us and I thought it would be a good time to recommend a few presents and ideas for the day to show you love for your mamma!

For the Day: 

Go out for a meal -- If there are a lot of siblings a meal is always a good one so you can all get together and enjoy each others company.

Spa Day -- Of course this is one more for the girls and their mums but always a winner! There tends to me mothers day packages where you would both get your treatments done together.

Pamper Day -- If you can't afford a Spa Day,get creative and create a pamper day for your mum where you give her a manicure, a facial or even do her hair for her all in the comfort of your own home!

Shopping Trip -- Go somewhere you don't usually go and stop off for some nice lunch to break up your day :)

Tickets to a play -- My mum LOVES going to shows and I think it would make a lovely present!


Yankee Candles -- There are so many options buy her a Large Yankee candle with a scent you think she will like.

Perfume -- Perfume is always such a good present! My mums favourites are Chanel No.5 and Ghost.

Jewelry -- Doesn't have to be a really pricey piece. I like looking on etsy as their are a lot of handmade and unique items on there.

Make-up -- I recommend the BareMinerals as it is very sheer and light on the face but gives a lovely end result.

Wine and Flowers -- Not just any wine...try slyly find out which is your mums favourite wine and flowers are as it will have a lot more meaning then just buying her any old thing!

Picture -- Get a picture of you and all your siblings and put it in a nice frame and present it with some flowers or chocolates.

Vouchers for her favourite shop -- If you really struggle with presents take the pressure off and give your mum vouchers so she can pick something out herself.

Hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration of what to get your mum for Mothers Day!

Katie x

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