Monday, 9 March 2015

My Favourite Products for Damaged hair!

 photo revlon_equave_hydro_nutritive_detangling_conditioner_stor.png In 1st place is the Revlon Equave leave in conditioner!

I am obsessed with this stuff and it comes in at a great price at around £11.
It is keratin enriched which helps re build the bonds of your hair leaving it in much better condition. It is not a heavy product and doesn't make your hair feel oily, yet creates a gorgeous shine on the hair.
This product can be blow dried into the hair or afew sprays onto your hair and left, both options leave lovely results.
My hair also feels ALOT softer after using this.

 photo 41VHqq6Zs5L._SY300_.jpg 2nd place comes the Absolut Repair conditioning mask.
This product has a thick creamy consistency and works miracles on really damaged, over processed hair.
Although I'm not overly keen on how much this product weighs your hair down...It definitely repairs and improves the condition of your hair in a short space of time. Combine it with the absolut shampoo and you will be back to long shiny locks in no time!
I would also recommend this product for thick, curly coarse hair as it weighs the hair down and smoothes it out it will create lovely tamed curls whilst providing your hair with moisture.

 photo moroccan_oil_treatment_125ml.jpgThis is one people are probably sick of hearing about by now..and admittedly a bit of an investment coming in at around £32.
Moroccanoil doesn't just coat the cuticle but absorbs into the hair repairing it from the inside out.
It can be used on wet or dry hair and as little or as much as you like.
On days where I am just around the house, I like to put 6 or 7 pumps on and just soak my hair in it and wash it out on the evening!
This product strengthens and repairs your hair and is a lovely finishing product for adding shine.

What are your favourite products?

Katie x

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