Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ombre to Blonde

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So my friend who has been featured many times in this blog has now decided she really wants it blonde! She had her hair dyed dark a while back and for a bit of fun we have done some ombre and balayage but now she really just wants to be back blonde.

Best thing to do is explain to your client it will be a gradual process as you must do what is healthiest for the hair. I used bleach and 6% in foils and 8/1 and 6% on the roots just to lift the base ever so slightly to blend in the blonde better.

We are both so happy with the results as a first go but do recommend products to help the condition of your clients hair as it was of course dry compared to what it once was.
I know I rant and rant about this product but I love the Revlon Equave leave in conditioning spray...it's keratin based and makes your hair so soft once you've used it.

My client has also leaped onto the Coconut Oil Hype and LOVES it so she says I must get some!

So I will give that a go and let people know how it works!

Katie x

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