Monday, 2 March 2015

Review | BareMinerals Liquid Foundation

Skin Type : Normal/Dry

It took me a LONG time to get into the hype of the mineral foundation as I never believed it would give me enough coverage. With acne scars and blemishes I need these to be covered!

A friend bought the wrong colour for her skin tone in the Ready compact powder foundation by BareMinerals and actually gave it to me (lucky i know!) and this is how i was introduced to this brand.
Well a few months down the line and I am IN LOVE. It has even improved my skin as it doesn't clog your paws like your average foundation.

So when I heard that BareMinerals had brought out a Liquid Foundation I had to get it.
The foundation is around £26 and then they wanted you to buy a "special brush" to buff it into the skin. Well, I might spend the money on the foundation, but I will not then spend the same amount on a brush so I went without, I have lots of foundation brushes anyway.

So excited to try it, I got home and opened it up straight away. The lid was hard to get off...whether this was just mine i'm not sure, but when I finally did get it off the liquid came pouring out. Ok, not a good start.
So to get the foundation all mixed up you have to give the bottle a good shake, which I did and then I began to apply...It didn't seem to cover the same and felt EXTREMELY oily.

I applied more than what it recommends but otherwise I felt it was non existent! Throughout the day I was really disappointed to look in the mirror to find my eye make up had slid off my eye and I looked more like a panda.
My face also looked very shiny..not dewy.

Overall the product gets a thumbs down from me, I found it just didn't match up to their previous products and It will not be one I will be buying again.

Has anyone else tried this product? What do you think?

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