Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Top 5 Biggest Regrets In Life


Just today, I was reading an article online about a retired nurse who cared for the terminally Ill.
She asked them all what their biggest regrets in life were and there were a lot of repeated answers which she has then shared with us.

It's really interesting to read and so true. When you are living life you often plod along with whatever you are doing because you never think about what's just around the corner. But if something did happen..can you look back and say you have no regrets?

Well, if you knew you were no longer going to be here, what would you of done differently? Here are the answers these people gave:

1. "I wish i'd lived a true life to myself, not what others expected of me". -- This is so true, we all live the life we think we should to please others. Do well in school, get a job, meet someone, get married, have children, work more, have lots of money.
This is because society has made it so it's strange to go out of that routine, maybe you don't really want lots of money? Not everyone needs a huge house and to be married with children.

2. "I Wish I hadn't Worked So Hard" -- Now of course, we all have to work to be able to live, but do we need to work as much as we do? Everyone has had it where work consumes your life and your so stressed at home because of it...was it really worth it when you look back?

3. "I Wish I had the Courage to Express My Feelings" -- Alot of people hide what they are really feeling to not cause drama or not be the one to stand out. But is there ever a time you really felt like you should of said something and never did and now live to regret it?

4. "I Wish I'd Stayed In Touch With My Friends" -- It's so easy to all of a sudden get a panic and think wow I haven't spoken to my friends for a few weeks I better ring them. Friends are your life support. Whether you have one or a thousand..don't forget to stay in touch.

5. "I Wish I'd Let Myself Be Happier" -- This one really is a mix of all the above. As really when you look back over your life..you don't want to think "well i had a good income and i was a hard worker".
In my eyes, it was all worth it if you can look back and think "yeah I've had a happy Life".

"If you're not happy...what's the point?"

This article i'm sure will get a lot of people thinking, as it did me. We can have regrets at any age...What are your regrets?

Katie x

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