Saturday, 4 April 2015

Affordable Products for Dry Skin

I find that having dry skin can really get me down when I am trying to get that dewy make-up look. I have tried product after product and find that most make-up looks cakey and foundation emphasizes dry patches.
So, I have been on the hunt for products to help get that brightness back and to help make-up look glowing again.

1. Moisturise
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The reason I chose this one was first off because I am a huge fan of Nivea skincare products, but also because I purchased the Nivea facial wipes for Dry/Sensitive skin a while back and I must say they are the best wipes I have ever bought. Not only did they remove make-up, but they hydrated my skin so I didn't even have to put moisturizer on after. Of course though, by morning my skin needs more moisture, so I bought it's sister product, Day Cream for Dry/Sensitive skin. If your skin breaks out like mine does, it's also best to use a product for sensitive skin as the ingredients don't irritate the skin the same.

2. MakeUp
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Now you have your skin prepped, it's time to get the makeup side of things right. These are two of my favourite products. One thing I notice about the foundations for dry skin is they are extremely oily which can also make them too sheer. So what I do, is get one of my favourite foundations and mix it with either a highlighting cream or with a bit of moisturiser. This helps the make-up blend into your skin  much easier and creates a more youthful look. (Try not to mattify everything with powder as it can dry you out hugely, instead, use a primer for staying power or a fixing spray at the end).

3. Finishing Up
 photo 11026800_10152640847610940_8911012577752304213_n.jpg
This is a cheap version of the Benefit High Beam and I really like this product. This can be mixed with your foundation or just a few dabs on your cheek and brow arch can give a great effect too.

4. Body
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This is a product to keep your whole body moisturised. This will make your overall appearance brighter.
Baby Oil is brilliant because babys skin loses moisture a lot quicker then an adult, so this oil gives double the moisturiser of a normal lotion. I have bought the Oil Gel as i feel it absorbs into the skin a bit quicker. the packaging is bad though as it's hard to squeeze out! It also has Chamomile in to soothe the skin. (Can be used as a shaving oil/gel too!).

Hope this post has helped and enjoy getting glowing skin for cheap!

Katie x


  1. I really like that wake me up concealer for under my eyes, works really well for a drug store product. Great post!

    1. Hey, Thanks! Yeah it's a really nice product and the wake me up foundation is lovely too :)