Friday, 3 April 2015

Balayage Beauty

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Obsessed with Balayage!

How many others are obsessed with balayage?! I just think it suits everyone and it can be as subtle or as crazy as you want it to be.

We dyed my clients hair dark a few months ago and although she liked it as it was easy to maintain from her natural colour, she was bored of it very quickly.
So, I suggested the balayage because it's so low maintenance as long as the root colour is similar to her natural hair. So we went for it and here are the steps i took to achieve this gorgeous colour...

 photo 11029390_10152639253795940_5331377627925071509_n.jpgThis is the before, i asked my client to use a dandruff shampoo to fade the colour as much as she could 2 weeks before I balayaged it, this makes the bleach take a lot easier.

 photo 11137146_10152639253850940_2787623346537861876_n.jpg During -- I love how the hair looks when balayage is working it's magic.

So I used bleach and 9% (Check the hair strength and do a test strand of the hair first if your worried).
I then used 6/0 semi permanent on the root area.

When I washed the hair, the colour was pretty but to me maybe just a shade too golden and i didn't want it to have that "bleached look" so i used 9/1 and 4% on wet hair and massaged it in for 10 minutes checking it all the time.

The 9/1 just toned it down enough, and took out a little bit of the golden shade.

Leave the toner on for longer if you want it to be really ash.

I used my all time favourite product of Revlon equave hydrating spray and cut about an inch off the length and tidied up the layers.

And the finished result is at the top! LOVE IT

Katie x

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