Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation | MakeUp Look

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This is my makeup look using the BareMinerals Liquid Foundation. I have been in two minds whether I like this foundation,as it's very oily! But, I am enjoying it a lot more now it's getting warmer and everyone is after a more dewy, lighter look.

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1. BareMinerals Liquid Foundation
2. Clarins Blush
3. Rimmel Clear Complexion
4. BareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara

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I started by putting a blue based concealer around my eyes to hide dark circles and I add two drops per section of my face for example: 2 drops for my forhead, 2 drops for each cheek and a couple of drops for both my nose and chin. This amount works for me, as otherwise it's too sheer and doesn't cover my acne scars.

BareMinerals say two drops should cover your whole face but this really isn't the case! 

After this, I buff the foundation into my skin and mattify with rimmel clear complexion around my eyes, don't mattify your whole face as it defeats the point of the foundation.

I contour my cheek bones and up to my forehead and then put my Clarins blusher on. Buff everything into the skin.

Apply your mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and then your done!

Hope you enjoyed this step by step and let me know if you like the BareMinerals Foundation!

Katie x

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