Monday, 6 April 2015

Flawless Face | Make-up Tutorial

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This week, I have been doing different techniques to see what works best in getting that glowing yet flawless face.
I have found a way that works great for me and I hope it helps you guys getting that flawless look!

Sorry for the quality of the photos, I didn't want to edit them so you guys know exactly what it looks like in true colour.

So as you can see in picture one I have freckles and the odd acne scar on my chin. I'm also a little darker around the eyes and have bumps on my forehead..Oh how lovely I am making myself sound! My skin used to be ALOT worse, but I have used a miracle gel for years and it's improved beyond belief! I'll save that for another post though ;)

1. So I prepped my skin with the Nivea Day Cream for Dry/Sensitive skin. I give this 5 minutes to absorb into the skin.

2. I dot my "Better Skin" foundation by Maybelline onto my chin, my cheeks, my nose and my forehead. Then next to each of those sections, put a few dots of the High Beam highlighter. (Dupe of the benefit highlighter as mentioned on my previous post).

3. Buff this all into the skin using a foundation brush, you can use you fingers too but i find a brush has a better effect, but everyone's different.

4. Use a concealer to go around any bits that may appear red still. I go around my nose, eyes and chin. Rimmel Wake me up concealer is my current favorite!

5. I then use No.7 shimmer palette in rose, on my cheeks and under my brow arch.

6. Proceed to adding your shadows, mascara, eyeliner to finish the look!

This has worked really well for me and I hope it's helped you guys :)

Katie x


  1. This is so helpful! will definitely be trying some techniques out. xx

  2. Looks wonderful :)