Sunday, 26 April 2015

OGX/Organix Hair Products

I've been hearing ALOT about this brand recently and I am currently waiting for mine to arrive in the post to give it ago! It's not yet huge in the UK, there are only a few of the different ranges in shops at the moment.

I went on their website and I cannot wait for some of the new ranges to hit the shops in the UK! 
There's Eucalyptus Mint to stimulate and cleanse the scalp, Cherry Blossom Ginseng  to add volume whilst moisturising, Lemon Highlights to add brightness to your highlighted hair..ahh the list is endless! 

The one that I am wanting to try though is the one that people are raving about which is the coconut milk range. More specifically the coconut milk shampoo, conditioner and serum. 
People are saying not only do they hydrate your hair and make your hair feel like it's never been touched by heat but a lot of people are saying they are noticing their hair grow quicker too!

 photo images_1.jpg photo 2204320.jpg

I am really looking forward to trying them and will give them a good 2-4 weeks tester to see if i'm noticing a difference and get back to you about them!

Have you guys heard of this brand?

Katie x

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