Sunday, 24 May 2015

Caffeine Serum for hair?! Review!

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A bit of a hidden gem of a product I have found here! I had a very bad year last year and with that came a lot of stress which didn't only effect me, it effected my hair too! My hair used to be very thick and healthy and all of a sudden it became brittle and was shedding a scary amount each day. This lasted a few months and although it's calmed down a bit now, it still sheds more than i'd like. Stress is a huge factor to this and although i'm out of the stressful time now my hair needs a little help getting back on track.

This Caffeine serum by Natural World is a stimulating serum that I got cheap from a local store but can also be found on amazon and Ebay. It is designed to strengthen the hair at the root whilst stimulating the scalp promoting hair growth. It was around £4 and although I wasn't expecting much I just thought what the heck for that price I shall give it ago and it turned out there are many good reviews on this product which was exciting, I have been using it for just over a week.

It doesn't specify whether to put it on wet or dry hair so I presume you can put it on both, however after trying it on both I prefer putting it on wet hair as I feel the product spreads better. Getting the correct amount is admittedly difficult at first as if you don't distribute the product correctly it can dry a bit hard like hair gel in certain spots of the head.

To my surprise, after a few days of using it (you must use it everyday) I noticed that my hair was in fact shedding less. No it didn't completely stop it which it wouldn't, but I really felt it had helped.

Also, I like how the product isn't heavy on the hair at all once it's dried you wouldn't of guessed you have put a serum on your hair. One bottle lasts 60 days as you don't have to use much product on application, about 6 drops seems to be about right for me.

Been this impressed with the serum I will be trying out the shampoo and conditioner also to see if that stops the shedding completely!
Hope this post has helped for anyone going through a similar problem.

Katie x

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