Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wedding Inspiration

Me and Aaron have been engaged for 3 years now..we have prioritised other things ahead of wedding planning as it's so expensive! Just recently though, I've started saving pictures and ideas for inspiration for the big day...Hope this helps you all too!
Our ideal wedding would be abroad somewhere special to us, with our very close friends and family.

 photo 1fba853516668a03dcc90a86e0e5b1f6.jpg photo fe94e25be357dba0e481ac594b415162.jpg photo 54ef6261e17f7bff34c1ff5236e95f04.jpg

 photo 5db60d7d63a592dda41bdb0f6ddb7c16.jpg

 photo e322f558e742b831e9a5ad27dabd5869.jpg

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