Sunday, 28 June 2015

Submarine Safari...Lanzarote

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Another excursion we went on was the Submarine Safari trip! We got picked up at our hotel and drove for around 35 minutes to the marina where the Submarine was.

You don't get much time to look around the shops..maybe just 10 minutes before and after the trip which I found a bit of a shame as it could've been somewhere new to check out.

A few people were panicked when they first had to go down a small stairwell into the submarine but once you have got through that bit you have a big open space where you feel more than comfortable and seats are close together but not too close.

In front of your seats is a BIG window for you to look through and also a little screen in front of you so you can see the submarine go under and back up. (Also shows you the fish from a different angle).

They have a diver go down and feed the fish to attract them to the submarine so we have more to look at! Of course animals will vary and some trips will be more exciting than others i'm sure.

I don't know what I was expecting exactly but we found the trip to be surprisingly boring...I guess once you're in the water you don't really do much but sit and see the same small fish so after 30 minutes you are more than ready to head back up. It also costs 55 Euro each which..considering you don't have time to get some food or look at the shops I just find it to be too over priced!

Though I can now say I have been in a submarine which is pretty cool!

Katie x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Lanzarote Costa Teguise Camel Ride

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This lil buddy was a Camel in Training, no one rode him as he was still small but he was learning to follow the rest :)

We had the great opportunity of having a Camel ride on our holiday in Lanzarote. I was a little skeptical at first, only because I worry the animals are not looked after correctly and I wouldn't want to encourage that by paying them.

However, on our volcanic tour the rep told us how there are 300 camels there and only 100 are taken out at one time and work only for 4 hours a day. They only work one day (4 hours) and then have 2 days off whilst the next 100 camels do 4 hours the following day.
The camels are also protected by the government and get lots of food and water and are really well looked after!
We were given a few facts on the weight the camels can carry and how long they can go without water, really amazing creatures!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable ride at only 12 Euros. You can also purchase a picture they take of you for a further 5 Euro.

I will be continuing the next few posts with different reviews of the different trips I have taken in my time in Lanzarote. This will include the Submarine trip, Volancanic Trip, Aarons Diving Experience and the Texas Rancho Park.

Katie x

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Holiday Essentials and SPFs

Lanzarote is just a few sleeps away so we have been getting packed and getting ourselves so excited for the holiday!

Even though I would LOVE to be able to tan...reality is, I simply don't. I'm fair skinned and a red head so factor 50 is it! Of course Aaron has that lovely skin that tans within a couple of days so he has gone for the Malibu bronzing tanning oil which smells AMAZING! I seriously recommend this for people that are fortunate enough to have skin that tans and only need a low SPF.

For me, I have bought the ROC SPF 50+ for sensitive skin. My skin has been really sensitive to products lately and because I burnt so badly on my last holiday (Morocco with 40 degree heat) i'm not taking any chances.
It's very high protection UVB and UVA and fragrance free. Also Waterproof.

                                                          Holiday Essentials Below

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Essentials To Remember For Holiday:
Shampoo and Conditioner
Body wash
Toothbrushes, Toothpaste
Suncreams and Aftersun
Insect repellent
Make Up
Body spray/Perfume
Chargers / Adapters
Antibacterial Gel
Face Wipes
Books or Kindle
Straighteners/Hairdryer travel size ideally
Beach Towels

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Meal Idea..

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I accidentally ended up making the most gorgeous sauce to go over my boring chicken and homemade chips meal so thought I must share! I didn't have any tomatoes left, so I went into my cupboard to find a Lloyd grossman Tomato and basil sauce actually for pasta but nevermind ha ha ..I mixed that with a full bag of spinach (it welts so much!) I like my garlic ALOT so used about 5 cloves of garlic chopped up or crushed whichever you prefer , bacon bits about 3 streaks cut up (already cooked) and salt and pepper to taste. obviously it's cheating as the sauce is practically pre made I just spice it up abit but wowza it turned out so good! Turns a boring meal into a tasty one!

Also added a sprinkle of cheese to top it up!


Katie x

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tara Smith Feed the Root Review

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This product by Tara Smith is a hidden gem! I have been trying these "Feed the Root" products out on myself for about 2 weeks, using sparingly at first as I have only purchased the mini set to try out from a friends recommendation.

 This set includes a Shampoo, Conditioner and a Serum and was at a reduced price of just £2.99!

Boasting a vegan product which is not tested on animals, using natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and seaweed extract to refresh and smooth the hair, this product gives your scalp a brilliantly refreshing feel once used without drying out the hair.

The scent is a herbal/menthol scent which in other reviews a lot of people are not fond of, but I beg to differ, I think it makes your hair smell very clean and fresh.

I have difficult hair, It's very oily at the root but dry mid length to ends so I always struggle finding products to work for both problems.

The shampoo does not foam up much on the hair so what I tend to do if my hair is full of product is use an anti dandruff shampoo first, as my scalp also suffers from that problem too! I then use the feed the root shampoo which foams up better once your hair is already clean, and then the conditioner just on the ends.

When I have towel dried my hair I use 1-2 pumps of the serum on the ends of my hair and my lovely caffeine serum for my roots, read my review of the caffeine serum HERE 

My favourite thing about this product is even if i don't blow dry my hair it tends to dry very soft and smooth and also as it cleanses the hair so well my hair does not go oily half as fast as when I use my regular products.

It's one I will re purchase and encourage people to buy this.

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