Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Moving Out! Tips

Apologies that I haven't been on here much...a lot has been going on!

-- Holiday

-- New Job

-- Now moving House

So with a few changes going on it came to light that we were going to have to move house quite quickly..which was a scary thing to be faced with at first but soon turned to excitement!

Best thing to do when looking for a flat/house is determine how much you can afford each month..take into account EVERYTHING including all those little bills that can be quite easy to forget about! We also took into account how much we want to be able to spend on food.

Once you have done that, it's time to get looking! Figure out what you want, do you want 2 bedroom? 1 bedroom? 2 bathrooms? Now of course, with renting i feel like you can't be too picky and you must compromise with certain things but equally don't pick any old place if its not right. Myself and Aaron have A LOT of stuff so we knew 1 bedroom would simply not be big enough.

You have now chosen a place..go view it and see if you really love it! Then it's time to do your application form. This is where they check if you have animals/how much you are earning etc etc.

They tend to want references so once that's done and it's all been approved your good to go!

TIP: Move quickly if you are interested in a place...they get snatched up so quickly!

We opted for a 2 bedroom maisonette and it's just perfect!