Friday, 11 September 2015

Tanya Burr Hollywood Palette Review

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If you are into blogs/youtube then you will definitely of heard of Tanya Burr. For those who havent, she is a beauty guru on youtube and has over 3 million subscribers.

Tanya has recently released more palettes into her cosmetic line and this seems to be the most popular palette so I thought I would give it a try, at only £6 I felt I couldn't go wrong.

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The packaging has come under some criticism, some people say it looks cheap and doesn't last well, however, I feel that for £6 you cannot expect plastic or glass materials and even though the colours of the packaging are not really to my taste I personally think it looks quite pleasant..I do wander why the letter "H" in Hollywood is in lower case though..i'd be lying if I said that doesn't bother me!
There is a heart shaped mirror on the inside too which is a nice touch and certainly comes in handy.

Shades in the Hollywood Palette:
Nude Delight -- Matte
Gold Coin -- Shimmer
Enchantment -- Shimmer
Bookworm --Matte

I will start off by saying there is no denying these colours compliment eachother and they have done a great job on all 4 shades suiting all skin tones.

I feel they have done such a great job on the matte colours. the nude delight is a lovely pale shade which is great as an all over base and great for the inner corners of the eyes.
This could also be used on it's own for those casual days.

Bookworm is impressively pigmented with a rich, warm undertone and does make a fantastic crease colour and again, a great all over shade!

The shimmer colours is where i feel it lets the palette down..they look incredibly in the case but as soon as you get them onto your eyes it's barely noticeable.

Gold coin is especially subtle and it takes a lot of building up to get the desired shade, it can look quite pretty as a glaze over the lid after putting bookworm on.

Enchantment I have used a few times and I just cant get it to that gorgeous colour that is in the case it's always so sheer and never adds much to the look.

Overall for £6 I am happy that I have two matte shades that I will 100% use again and again..the shimmers do let this palette down and need a little work!

What do you think to this palette?