Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Nivea Mens Post Shaving Balm..Primer?!

Ok ok, so admittedly I am bad for jumping on any youtube hype or blog hype, the most recent been the Nivea Post Shave Balm used as a primer.

 photo 12654317_10153234764555940_8048348315601734853_n.jpg

I didn't hold out much hope for it, but at under £6 I thought if all else fails, it can be used as a nice moisturizer anyway.

So first thing you do notice is the consistency, primers usually are more like a cream and have some thickness to them but this was a very runny liquid so comes out the bottle like billio so you must be wary of that as you really do not need much product at all.

Second thing is the smell, the smell is how you imagine a mans aftershave to doesn't personally bother me in the slightest but i know a lot of people have mentioned this as a negative..I don't notice it after 2 minutes of it been on my face.

As soon as the balm starts to go tacky on your face, you are ready to put your foundation on. My foundation definitely did not go on any differently to how it usually would, i'd also say the finish didn't look any better from it either but it also didn't make it look any worse.

The reason this is supposed to work so well is due to the Glycerin in the product, acting like a glue with your foundation keeping it in tact longer.

Although this cream didn't  have all the benefits of a primer for e.g. evening out my skin tone or making my foundation look any different on my skin...the longevity of my makeup was noticeably improved! If you struggle with make up sliding off your face or looking like you never applied any by the end of the day, this product is 100% for you.

My foundation still looks like I have just applied it at the end of the day I am so impressed with it!

I can't believe by chance someone has used this under their make-up and unleashed this amazing beauty gem!

This is definitely a must have step in my make-up routine now and I can't wait to hear from more people trying it out to see what they think!